Buy and Sell Used Aviat Networking Equipment

Wide Selection of Used Aviat Networking Equipment with a Lifetime Warranty

Aviat Networks specializes in microwave radio for indoor, outdoor and split-mount deployments. Its equipment helps public and private operators grow communications networks and meet the increasing demand of IP data services.

Buy used Aviat equipment from Worldwide Supply, and keep your operations running smoothly as you scale to meet the needs of your customers. Experience the speedy ROI that comes with selecting best-in-class equipment compared to new purchases.

At Worldwide Supply, we cover some of the brand’s most recognized and importation models, including its line of Constellation TR digital microwaves. With our lifetime warranties, your refurbished Aviat equipment is guaranteed to perform properly from the first installation. Worldwide Supply can also fulfill your Aviat product needs at significant savings compared to buying new or purchasing used Aviat networking equipment from an unreliable third party.

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Experience the Best in Aviat

Aviat’s WTM products are among the highest quality microwave radio’s offered in the industry. You can buy used Aviat equipment from Worldwide Supply and get proven quality with proper integration.

These high-capacity point-to-point digital radios support SONET for transport over North America’s fiber optic networks as well as PDH’s high-speed networking standard used across the world. Buy used Aviat equipment and bring your business the success that wireless mobile carriers, private operators and public safety networks have experienced for years.


For indoor units, Aviat leads with its Eclipse series. The series features hybrid and all-IP wireless backhaul options. Telecom providers have turned to the Eclipse line for their 4G/LTE systems as well as support alongside 2G and 3G legacy networks.

No matter your service needs, the Eclipse line boasts high-quality performance and helps your bottom line when you select refurbished Aviat equipment.

Sell Your Used Aviat Equipment

Worldwide Supply is always looking for networking hardware and telecom networking equipment, including used Aviat networking equipment. With carrier-class solutions and individual-level service products, Aviat represents a great investment for your company. When you sell your used Aviat equipment, you’ll quickly receive cash you can invest back into your operations.

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