Fujitsu Flashwave 7420

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Fujitsu grew its Flashwave family with the 7420 metro and enterprise WDM platform that combines optical, Ethernet and certified storage solutions in a single system delivering scalable, DWDM-based transport solutions.

Supporting up to 40 fixed and reconfigurable wavelengths, with speeds of up to 10G, the system can facilitate data and storage usage on optimized 4G wavelengths. The Fujitsu Flashwave 7420’s a pay-as-you-grow-style offering with service multiplexing and transport across linear, ring and point-to-point topologies, with support for others.

One smart feature of the Fujitsu Flashwave 7420 is it is protocol independent so it will facilitate a rapid response to your network’s growth and service change requirements. Provisioning at nearly any speed for all services running on the platform is designed to make it a cost-effective way to manage your network with minimal additional expenses.

Next-Gen Support and Reduced Costs

The Fujitsu Flashwave 7420 provides ample next-gen service support and its DWDM technology supports networks of up to 300 kilometers with full remote system operation.

Worldwide Supply provides additional benefits for this carrier-class solution by reducing your costs with used and refurbished Fujitsu Flashwave 7420 models, while maintaining OEM quality standard. We’ll provide the equipment you need to grow at a rate that’s affordable and manageable.

As your network needs change beyond the equipment’s support, you can sell us a used Fujitsu Flashwave 7420 to generate one more source of revenue right when you need it. Contact us to learn more about this option and how our equipment can protect your investments.

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