Alcatel Lucent DEXECS1

The Alcatel Lucent DEX-ECS1 Digital Cross-Connect (DAX) is a 3/1/0 SONET cross-connect switch.

When designated as the DEX-ECS1, the switch operating in a wideband 3/1 structure: DEX-ECS1/3 DS1 & DS3 input, DS1 cross-connect. However, the DEX-CS DAX family can be configured in Narrowband, Wideband or Broadband settings to help you make the most of your network.

A refurbished Alcatel Lucent DEX-ECS1 is a powerful tool to ensure scalable growth to bring your network up to compete with larger scale carriers as well as to bridge existing/traditional telephone networks with cell-based data networks.

One important note about this large DEX-CS switch family is that it initially came from the Alcatel and DSC merger but was more recently acquired by iQor, formerly known as Telmar Network Technology. Your Alcatel Lucent DEX-ECS1 is as powerful as ever — and now it has a broader base of technologies and equipment that it can support.

Worldwide Supply offers a complete line of used Alcatel Lucent DEX-ECS1 central office switching systems as well as individual components and modules, allowing you to customize and enhance your network to best suit your current customers and your existing growth path.

Buy Used Alcatel Lucent DEX-ECS1 from Worldwide Supply

You can experience the network improvements of an Alcatel Lucent DEX-ECS1 at an affordable rate when you purchase a used or refurbished model from Worldwide Supply. We ensure all equipment is up to OEM standards and back our work with a standard lifetime warranty.

You provide the power your network demands at a price your budget needs, never compromising for quality thanks to certified, tested and approved refurbished Alcatel Lucent DEX-ECS1 gear.

Start protecting your network today.

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