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Ni2 Joins Worldwide Supply’s Digital Service Providers Partners

Worldwide Supply is proud to announce a new partnership with Ni2, an innovative and high-growth company that provides a variety of business support services.

Ni2 offers its customers a way to bridge the gap between their older silo-based service management and fulfillment options with the next-gen capabilities inherent in IoT, AI, and the software-defined approach. Their solutions cover data centers, networks, and digital service providers with operational and ecosystem tools for self-provisioning, automation, analytics and more.

The core focus of Ni2 is to get companies to low-touch provisioning even as they scale significantly. It offers technology-agnostic software platforms that make it easy to manage and share service and resource inventories. As companies like you start to prepare for innovations, you need true end-to-end visibility and unified inventory-asset management. The Ni2 difference is that this is supported on a single platform.

Core Ni2 Offerings

To help digital service providers improve their networks, Ni2 offers a variety of solutions designed to address specific needs as well as overall business operations. These include platforms such as:

  • Ecosys: This latest iteration of its core platform delivers new tools to help companies create an autonomous, zero-touch provisioning state. It’s designed to help service providers automatically correct and manage their own solutions through AI, IoT, real-time, and other new technologies, including SDDC and SDN/NFV.
  • Multi-Tenant Data Centers: The MTDC solution runs from high-level management and analytics around services to granular support around floor space and rack planning that account for differences in geometry throughout your DC. It also includes change management solutions to help staff adapt and implement best practices in the longer term.
  • Network Resource Management: Network complexity is a significant cost burden as deployments grow. Ni2’s NRM tools are specifically designed to help digital service providers simplify their networks and control costs even as you add new services. It’s the help you need when getting ready for SDN and other advancements.
  • Network Provider Solutions: Ni2 offers an entirely modular platform specifically for network and digital service providers. Built with you in mind, it provides a variety of components to pick and choose from, including management for network resources and inventory, service fulfillment tools and advanced trouble ticketing with automated deployment of resolution tasks.

Worldwide Supply is working with Ni2 to provide consistent, reliable access to these services as well as the devices that you can use to boost your network and make the most of these solutions.

Worldwide Supply and Ni2 Partner to Boost Your Services

Our partnerships and collaborations are chosen with our customers in mind. By working with Ni2 and related companies, we can deliver quality service and offerings to help you grow. Ni2 meets a variety of our objectives, including:

  • Improving Service Offerings: From day one, Worldwide Supply has worked to secure the equipment and software that helps customers enhance their networks. Ni2’s commitment to the latest technology gives our customers early access to what’s next and what your clients will demand tomorrow.
  • Finding Future-Smart Solutions: We believe AI, IoT, and other technologies central to the Ni2 solution will be an integral part of all networks in the future. By partnering with Ni2, we’re able to help digital service providers future-proof their efforts while also saving significantly on their advances.
  • Meeting Customer Demands: Our partnerships and customer relationships are built on mutual growth and positive experiences. That’s why we look to leading technology providers that will enhance what we can bring to you.

You can discover more by visiting our Ni2 device and service selection or contacting us with your questions about Ni2, Worldwide Supply, and our commitment to improving our support for digital service providers.