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Ni2 Joins Worldwide Supply’s Digital Service Providers Partners

Worldwide Supply is proud to announce a new partnership with Ni2, an innovative and high-growth company that delivers a unified outside and inside plant management and inventory solution that helps service providers optimize capacity, increase network reliability, and enhance customer experience.

Ni2 offers new generation agile OSS software platform designed for small and mid-size service providers that helps automate their operations and maximize the value of infrastructure investments by delivering clear visibility on all network, fiber & plant, and data center resources.

Ni2 uniquely delivers a Unified Inventory Platform that allows to map all resources and services into a single “source of truth”, providing operators the most complete and comprehensive view of their network—from fiber to circuit to customer. This visibility allows for the most advanced root-cause and impact analysis capabilities, service eligibility/availability, as well as helping service providers to begin automating their E2E service delivery.

The Ni2 Agile OSS consists of open and modular management applications that offer Tier 2-3 service providers the flexibility to successfully deploy an OSS, at their own pace, ensuring incremental value as they modernize their operations.

Core Ni2 Offerings

Ni2 Node-Block ImageThe Ni2 Agile OSS maximizes the value of current infrastructure investments with clear visibility on all resources. Built on open, modular and adaptable technology platform, Ni2 delivers all essential OSS capabilities for managing today’s operations while preparing for tomorrow’s technologies.

  • Ni2 Fiber & Plant bridges the gap between traditional GIS and new generation OSS capabilities, offering operators end-to-end visibility and efficiency while deploying and managing their fiber networks.
  • Ni2 Network & Resources offers all the capabilities to plan and design, inventory, and deliver new network/circuit capacity, as well as facilitates the onboarding of new technologies.
  • Ni2 Data Center Infrastructure delivers the capability to model and inventory the data center to maximize space, cooling and energy consumption, while providing advanced impact analysis and KPIs.
  • Ni2 Location Addresses delivers an authoritative management application that automates the validation and reconciliation processes of addresses to ensure exact customer and resource locations.
  • Ni2 Service Lifecycle Management helps accelerate and automate the delivery of the most complex L2/L3 B2B connectivity services.

Worldwide Supply and Ni2 Partner to Boost Your Services

Our partnerships and collaborations are chosen with our customers in mind. By working with Ni2 and related companies, we can deliver quality service and offerings to help you grow. Ni2 meets a variety of our objectives, including:

  • Improving Service Offerings: From day one, Worldwide Supply has worked to secure the equipment and software that helps customers enhance their networks. Ni2’s commitment to the latest technology gives our customers early access to what’s next and what your clients will demand tomorrow.
  • Finding Future-Smart Solutions: We believe 5G, SDN, and other technologies central to the Ni2 solution will be an integral part of all networks in the future. By partnering with Ni2, we’re able to help digital service providers future-proof their efforts while also saving significantly on their advances.
  • Meeting Customer Demands: Our partnerships and customer relationships are built on mutual growth and positive experiences. That’s why we look to leading technology providers that will enhance what we can bring to you.

You can discover more by visiting our Ni2 device and service selection or contacting us with your questions about Ni2, Worldwide Supply, and our commitment to improving our support for digital service providers.