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While its consumer efforts gained acclaim in the 1990s, Dell has been a powerhouse of networking solutions and services for longer and enjoyed a more sustained success rate on the back-end. Today, it engineers solutions designed to support the variety of different architectures that modern networks use.

New and used Dell equipment is based on open standards and supports the EMC Networking platform to help work with a wider range of equipment from other OEMs and service providers. Your refurbished Dell equipment from Worldwide Supply will be engineered to work across your network and remove limitations from legacy gear and other proprietary systems.

Dell’s efforts now focus largely on scalable, high-performance switches, end-to-end network management tools, data center support and campus or branch-specific networking for enterprises and small networks.

Refurbished Dell Servers and More

While Dell offers a variety of networking tools and equipment, Worldwide Supply has opted to initially focus on servers the company offers. We chose this because they’re reliable, proficient and can be cared for by our professionals.

Used Dell servers can easily be returned to OEM standards and protected through our maintenance program that also extends to more than 100 other OEM product lines and families. We believe choosing the right tools is the best way to help our customers grow, and Dell servers like the R720XD make the cut.

Protect your network and your company with a smart investment. We’ll help you choose the server that’s right for you and provide significant cost savings — upwards of 75% — compared to original OEM pricing.