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Wide Selection of Used Juniper Routers, Switches, and Other Networking Equipment with a Lifetime Warranty

When you’re looking for the best in new and pre-owned networking equipment and service solutions, come to see us at Worldwide Supply. Service providers, cable operators and professionals count on us to help provide them with the best network equipment at the right price. They also count on us for their service needs.

You can save up to 80% on our refurbished networking equipment, and it comes with our industry-leading lifetime guarantee. Since we have a global distribution network, most major cities around the world are within our reach — and we can offer same-day and next-day delivery. Additionally, the service we provide is second to none and it also comes with great cost savings of between 50 to 90% on network support and equipment maintenance.

Juniper network equipment is one of the great brands that we carry. We buy and sell used Juniper equipment. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our Juniper products. And if you have used Juniper equipment you would like to sell, please contact us for that as well.

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Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, develops routers, switches, network management software and security products. It was founded in early 1996 by Pradeep Sindhu, who had worked for over a decade at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). Sensing the need to move in a different direction, he took a leave of absence in 1995. While he was taking some time off, he began to ponder the impact of the internet, which was just beginning its explosive growth. He was really intrigued by the idea of the router, which he considered the cornerstone of the internet.

He returned from his leave of absence with the vision of starting a new company that would create high-performance routers that businesses all over the world would need to deal with the emerging World Wide Web.

MCI Communications’ Dennis Ferguson and Sun Microsystems’ Bjorn Liencres joined Sindhu, and a little later on, Juniper was established. Much of the first two years was consumed by the necessary task of arranging venture capital, but by 1998, Juniper Networks was pulling in $3.8 billion in annual revenue — and by 1999, the first product it had manufactured, the M40 router, was being used by 50 different telecommunication companies. The M40 router showed that Juniper would be a top innovator and a major player in the hardware space.

It took two years of research and testing to develop the M40. At the same time, Juniper was developing the platform that would be its basis for innovations in the future — the Junos Platform.

Meanwhile, Juniper was expanding around the world. Soon there were international distribution agreements as well as the establishment of a European headquarters in the United Kingdom, and an Asian-Pacific location in Hong Kong. By the year 2000, Juniper’s market share for core routers was 20%, and by 2001 it was in charge of one-third of the market for high-end and core routers.

Today, Juniper has operations in more than 100 countries around the world. If finds itself the third-largest market shareholder for ISP routers and switches. It also has strong shares in the firewall market and data center security appliances. One reason why Juniper does so well across so many different applications is the quality of its products, which have long been praised by critics.

Juniper also operates the Junos Innovation Fund. Launched with $50 million in 2010, it looks for young tech companies that want to develop applications for Junos.

The Juniper Products Worldwide Supply Offers

Buy Juniper Application Accelerators

Juniper Application Accelerators

Worldwide Supply offers a large selection of Juniper DX Accelerators, both used and new surplus. We carry popular products like DX accelerators and you can also count on us for hard-to-find models as well as end-of-life models.

We thoroughly inspect and test all the Juniper DX Accelerators that we offer so that when you buy one from us, you are confident you’ll receive like-new quality and performance. These cost-effective options provide you with the opportunity to expand an existing network without being forced into an expensive upgrade, eliminate costly maintenance contracts by using spare key network components, and create a top-of-the-line network while paying only a fraction of the typical cost.

If your purchase of a Juniper DX Accelerator occurs because of an upgrade in your company’s network, remember that we are also interested in buying any of your older Juniper equipment. Ask about our asset recovery and buyback services, which allow you to turn your older or surplus equipment into capital that can help pay for your next upgrade.

If you want a quote on any Juniper Application Accelerator, you can browse our selection and add a model you like to your online quote cart. Or, you can take a few moments and speak directly to one of our talented and knowledgeable sales staff at 888-328-2266.

Juniper Netscreen

Worldwide Supply offers several different models of the Juniper Netscreen, including the Juniper Netscreen 5GT, the Juniper Netscreen 25/50, the Juniper Netscreen 200, the Juniper Netscreen 500, the Juniper Netscreen 5000, the Juniper Netscreen IDP, and the Juniper Netscreen 15G.

Our industry-leading lifetime warranty covers all our refurbished Juniper equipment from network security equipment to routers and switches. Worldwide Supply will answer all your technical questions about your refurbished Juniper Netscreen, regardless of the version you have chosen. Our team of knowledgeable expert technicians will install your Netscreen and give configuration support at no additional charge.

Juniper Routers

Juniper Routers

Building the world’s best router was the original dream of Juniper founder Pradeep Sindhu, and Juniper routers remain some of the best routers on the market today. Worldwide Supply carries a large variety of Juniper routers that includes the MX series, E320/T320, the M5/M71/M10/M10i/M101 series, the M120/M320, the M160/M4OE and the T320/T640.

All the MX series Juniper routers carried by Worldwide Supply provide excellent performance and support a wide variety of applications, including enterprise, cloud center, mobile service core, data center, business and residential. Extremely flexible in operation, all of its major components are field-replaceable. This means reduced downtime and increased availability for your system.

This true carrier-grade platform ensures virtual nonstop network availability with layered logical physical and protocol-level resiliency options.

The MX series is also perfect for SDN gateway functions between virtual networks that are operating with different technologies or between physical and virtual networks.

Meanwhile, our refurbished M160 router is ideal for internet services. It provides excellent redundant solutions for core IP networks. This is a strong candidate for improving your network if you need to support switching fabric and routing engine redundancy.

Every Juniper 160 router includes a significant set of customizations and options. We also carry all Juniper modules, power supplies and processors that you need.

Juniper Switches

Juniper Switches

Whether it’s for a regional office for a global firm, Worldwide Supply’s preowned Juniper switches mean you can support a wide variety of media, such as internet telephony or video conferencing, on a single IP infrastructure. Even better, integrated security functions protect this infrastructure from attack. Businesses operating in today’s digital environment need a high-performance network that delivers applications with speed, security and reliability. Our refurbished Juniper switches can deliver on that guarantee.

Today’s networks demand excellent performance and scalability. The Juniper switch series offers uninterrupted delivery, integrated security functions, unified communications and high availability (HA). This means operational excellence for your network needs, both today and tomorrow.

These Juniper refurbished products perform with only a 0.5% failure rate. The industry average for a new switch is 3% to 5%. It’s the performance your business needs at a cost your bottom line will love.

Downtimes or delays can negatively impact an enterprise. But Worldwide Supply can give you the Juniper switches your enterprise needs, when it needs them. With our global operations in the United States, Singapore and the Netherlands, we carry more than $200+ million in inventory at any given time. We keep your network up and running by offering 24 x 7 x 365 expert technical support and network monitoring, plus overnight delivery, to fulfill any of your equipment needs.

Juniper as an OEM

Juniper as an OEM

Juniper is a leading provider of core routing, edge routing and network security solutions for IP-based enterprise and carrier-class networks. As noted above, Juniper is a leading developer in a variety of different networking spaces and their products have for many years been lauded by industry voices and critics for their reliable quality and dependable performance.

When your enterprise installs a Juniper product, you know that you’re using one of the very best pieces of equipment available on the market.

If you’ve always thought that your enterprise could never afford to use the high-quality products offered by Juniper, Worldwide Supply carries a comprehensive inventory of pre-owned, refurbished and used Juniper equipment. We’ll help you improve your network while still keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Let Worldwide Supply Fulfill Your Juniper Networking Equipment Needs

If you’re thinking of upgrading, replacing or installing Juniper equipment in your enterprise, consider what Worldwide Supply has to offer. Our refurbished Juniper equipment is rigorously tested and inspected. Many of our Juniper refurbished products perform as well as, and in some cases better than, the original equipment. But you can save as much as 50 to 90% when you purchase Juniper networking equipment from Worldwide Supply.

Even if you’re not in the market for a Juniper product, Worldwide Supply as a large inventory of current and legacy network and wireless products on hand. Our large stock, in many cases, gives us the flexibility to send you the equipment you need the same business day you order it. Just like our Juniper equipment, all of our other products are tested and certified in our top-of-the-line distribution centers throughout North America, Europe and South America.

Our industry-leading lifetime warranty means you don’t have to take a risk with other suppliers when you have an emergency order or critical deadline to meet. When you work with Worldwide Supply, there is no need to sacrifice the quality and reliability you need in the name of chasing cost savings. We’ll help you find a solution that draws a line of best fit between your requirements and your budget.

You can browse our online catalog and request a quote on any piece of Juniper equipment. Or you can call our excellent sales team at 888-328-2266. Buy Juniper networking hardware and equipment from Worldwide Supply today.