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Used Ericsson Base Stations

Ericsson radio base stations are an industry standard thanks to their flexible design and coverage capability for a variety of rural and urban network deployments. Whether you’re looking for support for CDMA , GSM, LTE or aim to deploy a heterogeneous network for high traffic volumes, Worldwide Supply has the right used Ericsson cellular base station to meet your demands.

Repeat Savings

Future-proof your network with our selection of used Ericsson cellular base stations. By selecting used Ericsson base stations, you’ll save money now and also down the road when your network deployment can take advantage of Ericsson’s Zero Floor Footprint plan.

Buy or Sell Your Ericsson Cellular Base Stations

Ericsson’s all-in-one outdoor design handles twice the capacity as current-generation technology, but maintains the energy efficiency your network demands. Talk with the Worldwide Supply team to determine the best option for Ericsson cellular base stations.

Worldwide Supply is always looking for used Ericsson base stations and other networking equipment. When you sell your Ericsson cellular base stations to us, you’ll get a reliable price guarantee that you can turn into cash for your business or as an initial investment when upgrading your existing network.

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