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Wide Selection of Used Nortel Networking Equipment with a Lifetime Warranty

Nortel Siemens specialized in telecommunications wireline and wireless products. Nortel Siemens was recognized early on for its innovation in digital communications including telephone switches, optical transport, base stations and more.

Nortel Siemens made its name with its DMS series switches and Optera optical transport product lines providing solutions to companies with high network demands. We can continue to provide you with these high-caliber product lines with the highest quality of used and refurbished Nortel equipment in the industry.

Thanks to Worldwide Supply’s reputation and lifetime warranty on all products, you are guaranteed to receive the maximum savings without compromising quality. Browse our Nortel Siemens product offering below:

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Optera Metro Series

Worldwide Supply specializes in the Nortel Optera Metro transport product line to support all of your legacy network requirements. Nortel Siemens products offered by Worldwide Supply guarantees you a reliable, versatile solution.

Get your best ROI by selecting equipment that has a proven track record of quality and reliability. Check out our full line of Optera Metro Series used Nortel Siemens networking equipment.

Refurbished Nortel Siemens Equipment for Your Network

Worldwide Supply also offers a series of wireless equipment from Nortel. Buy used Nortel equipment and take advantage of cost-effective network growth and stackable architecture.

Some of our most popular Nortel Siemens products include:

Sell Used Nortel Equipment

Worldwide Supply is always looking for a wide variety of networking hardware and telecom networking equipment, including Nortel and many other OEM brands. We will help you receive the maximum value for your surplus and used networking equipment and telecom hardware.

You’ll receive upfront cash at highly competitive rates while Worldwide Supply handles the removal of all decommissioned assets. Continue to support your network requirements when you buy and sell Nortel equipment. Used Nortel networking equipment is one of the best ways to extend the life of you network.

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