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At Worldwide Supply, we offer a wide selection of new and refurbished Cisco Metro Ethernet switches for commercial network service providers. With switches such as the ME 2600 or ME 6500, you can expect a fast improvement in your network’s services, such as reliable communication and the integration of multiple system components and functions.

Whether you’re looking for a more popular product or a piece of equipment that’s already been discontinued by Cisco, we have a switch that will help unify your communications and make business productivity soar.

Product Overview

A Metro Ethernet switch is the ideal piece of equipment for service providers that run metropolitan area networks (MAN). This product can reach a high number of users over a large area, which means you can use it to scale up your business as needed without having to make major system adjustments that affect your team. Meanwhile, most of these switches are compact 1-rack-units — and this makes them perfect for facilities and offices of all sizes.

Cisco Metro Ethernet switches are known for their energy-efficiency and compatibility with a wide selection of applications. With site aggregation, you can create a more simplified, streamlined network system that meets market standards and helps you climb the industry ladder.

Cisco Ethernet switches offer many benefits such as virtualization, security features and a multiplexing layer in between the access and edge layers. Some other critical features of these switches include:

  • Metro Ethernet capabilities
  • Support for mobile, broadband and carrier Ethernet services
  • Access layer MPLS-based VPN services
  • High availability
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • 10 Gbps access layer transmission speed
  • Data transfer speed of 48 Gbps at 71 million packets per second
  • Integration of wireless and cable connection

These Cisco Metro Ethernet switch advantages combine to establish a more secure and easy-to-use network for your business. Even older or harder-to-find models of these switches will keep you up to date on current technology and allow you to compete with other service providers.

Work With Worldwide Supply

When you buy a used Cisco Metro Ethernet switch, you’ll receive all the advantages of an OEM piece of equipment at a much lower cost. You can give your networking system a much-needed upgrade with a reliable, long-lasting product that will allow you to get the most out of your investment. Additionally, our preventive maintenance services will lower the risk of a system failure that could drive up repair expenses.

Our Cisco Ethernet switches will help create a faster network for both business and customer needs, so order one now and reap the advantages of its strength and high-speed services. We offer 24/7 remote technical customer support, so we’re available to answer your questions at any time!

Request a quote today to find out how you can save money on a technologically advanced Cisco Ethernet switch for your business.

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