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No matter where your employees are located, Cisco telephones offer secure and reliable communication services that help your support your business' critical applications. Cisco IP Telephony is one piece of Cisco Unified Communications where you can use voice, video, data and mobile applications across a variety of platforms.

With one single communications solutions, your employees can easily communicate in any workspace. When you use the network as the platform, buying Cisco phones will help your organization obtain greater security and scalability.

Buy and Sell Used Cisco VoIP Phones

Worldwide Supply is your top choice for complete Cisco VoIP connections, thanks to a full line of used Cisco phones, gateways, IPS sensors, chassis and more. Build out a full IP network at greatly reduced costs compared to new deployments when you buy used Cisco phones and other equipment. To protect you even more, all of our equipment comes with an unlimited lifetime guarantee.

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Advantages of Cisco Telephones

Traditionally, communication networks existed as separate entities with their own applications. Voice, data and video were completely separate networks until business requirements warranted one unified service that met all their needs to save money and increase productivity.

Cisco telephones are the solution you need. This IP telephony solution operates on an IP infrastructure and transmits voice communications over the network using open-standards-based Internet Protocol. The various IP phone options include wired, wireless and softphones.

They are highly secure and allow companies to take advantage of their LAN and WAN. When you buy Cisco IP phones, your employees can be more agile and productive. Buying refurbished Cisco IP phones from Worldwide Supply is a great way for your company to experience these benefits while saving money.

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Take advantage of our best-in-class IP phones that offer you full support for converged voice and data networks while delivering enterprise phone application support. When you buy used Cisco phones and IP equipment, you can guarantee that every call is a safe and secure connection with reliable transmission. Increase the reliability of your network and the clarity of your calls with Cisco IP telephony equipment. You can save an average of 50-90% when you buy used VoIP phones from Worldwide Supply.

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Worldwide Supply buys a wide range of used Cisco phones and VoIP networking equipment. Sell Cisco phones and rid yourself of surplus today. To top it off, you’ll receive fast and friendly service — Worldwide Supply will even handle all of the removal and recovery of your equipment.

Interested in expanding and upgrading your VoIP capabilities? Sell your surplus Cisco phones and other networking equipment to Worldwide Supply, and receive upfront cash that you can invest in your network right away or put it towards the purchase of other refurbished and legacy equipment. Benefit from a single transaction with great rates and equipment that’s guaranteed to perform.

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In addition to buying Cisco IP phones, you need service and support to keep your network running. Consider third-party support from Worldwide Supply. We keep your business' savings alive while we help with regular maintenance or any other issues. Contact us today to request a quote.

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