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ADC was a major leader in the telecommunications industry for many years and is still known for its reliable, high-speed equipment. That’s why at Worldwide Supply, we continue to offer new and used ADC RF signal management products for businesses that need top-of-the-line network support. If you’re looking for an ADC solution to promote faster, more efficient use of radio frequency signals within your network, Worldwide Supply can meet all your needs.

About Our Products

We know there’s a high demand for communications technology and equipment on the market. Purchasing discontinued and hard-to-find equipment can be especially challenging for businesses — but we want you to have all the resources you need to make the most of your network system.

Radio frequency is essential for many network services, including computer connection, television, IP telephony and more. Thanks to technology advancements and growing market competition, people expect high-speed services to support all their networking activities. Inefficient radio frequency management can slow down processes and dissatisfy broadband subscribers. As a result, there’s little room for inconsistencies in broadband networks.

Our used ADC RF Signal Management products will solve this issue, allowing you to transmit, adjust and distribute signals on demand. Managing your radio frequencies can be easier than ever thanks to the high-level performance and bandwidth provided by ADC equipment. RF signal management is designed to offer the switching and amplification capabilities you need to optimize your services.

Options include a variety of new and used ADC SignalOn Series Splitters, which have the density, longevity and performance to support all your network’s data, video and audio needs. By providing multiple services and features, these splitters can save precious time by streamlining and simplifying your management processes. Check out the product details on our SignalOn Series Splitters below to learn more about their benefits.

Why Work With Worldwide Supply?

We strive to bring all of our used and refurbished products up to OEM standards. That means if you order ADC RF Signal Management equipment from Worldwide Supply, you’ll receive all the long-lasting quality of a new product for an even more affordable cost.

Thanks to lower initial prices and high reliability, you can expect to make the most for your investment with our ADC technology. Greater long-term efficiency and performance also means you can satisfy more consumers, improving your revenue and reputation.

We’ll go the extra mile to make sure you’re pleased with your product and the benefits it offers your business. All of our refurbished technology comes with a standard lifetime warranty, so we'll work with you to resolve any issues you have with your equipment. We also have a Trade and Exchange program, which will allow you to send your old equipment to us for a credit toward your next purchase.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about how RF signal management can benefit you.