Nortel DMS-1

Refurbished Nortel DMS-1

Nortel’s digital multiplex systems, including the DMS line of DMS-1 to DMS-100 with multiple series and iterations of each, give carriers leading quality for the management of telephone exchange systems.

The original Nortel DMS-1 was designed to support a small number of telephone lines, but the latest DMS-100 switches could control 100,000 telephone lines simultaneously.

Refurbished Nortel DMS-1 units provide local service to public telephone networks and can operate on an existing subscriber’s lines and trunks, facilitating POTS, cellular mobility management, ISDN, MDC and ACD services. Operating as an intelligent network, carriers can also run INAP, ETSI, CS1-R and AIN functions in countries all around the world.

While the company offers DMS-200, 250 can CS 1500 variants, the Nortel DMS-1 and 100 models still rank as some of the most common digital trunk controllers on the market. The only concern with later models, such as the CS2K, is that they can support VoIP functionality, while the DMS-1 does not have that support natively.

During its bankruptcy sales, Nortel Network’s carrier VoIP and application solutions arm was sold to Genband. Some Genband CVAS equipment is compatible with a refurbished Nortel DMS-1, and our technicians can help you ensure that your next purchase works with all of your network’s equipment.

Core Elements of a Refurbished Nortel DMS-1

Worldwide Supply takes many used Nortel DMS-1 and 100 units and returns them to OEM standards and capabilities. This includes a full revision of the core components and functionalities of the DMS and requires a superior understanding of legacy equipment.

Whether you need a refurbished unit, maintenance on an existing unit, or components from the CCC and DMS SuperNode to line modules or remote cluster controllers, we have it in stock and ready to go.

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