Nortel DMS-100

Nortel’s larger digital multiplex system family is the DMS 100, initially controlling 100,000 telephone lines and slowly improving to support the latest in telephone services.

The Nortel DMS 100 enhances local services and connections to public telephone networks. It can support a wide range of functions including traditional telephone offerings, call distribution, mobility management, ISDN and MDC platform support. It is part of the larger Nortel family and has much of the technology that powers similar DMS options such as the DMS 200 toll switch.

Worldwide Supply has a full lineup of these class five local office DMS with configurations to optimize from 1,000 to 100,000 lines.

The Power of a Used Nortel DMS 100

Your next Nortel DMS 100 contains a very powerful Central Control Complex to control how calls are processed as well as the next-generation maintenance and administrative routines your switch needs to run. A used Nortel DMS 100 also features the ability to adjust for use as an equal access end office, enhancing the variety of locations and network types where it can operate.

This model operates as a functional bridge between many different systems and can support your Nortel network as you expand telephone services to new areas or if you are attempting to connect a Nortel Communication Service Softswitch for improved VoIP functions.

Genband purchased Nortel’s carrier VoIP and application solutions back in 2010, and the Nortel DMS 100 is still in use throughout the nation and provides reliable service every day.

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