Nortel XA-CORE

You’ve found the right page to expand your network’s capacity, enhance memory and performance, and build a path forward to adopting next-gen technologies for your growing network: the Nortel XA-Core.

The scalable Extended Architecture Core, or X-A Core, is the next level in planning with a multi-processor engine that can distribute call processing across a variety of elements via a shared memory design. Introducing a refurbished Nortel XA-Core into your network means you’ll be able to expand capacity simply by adding circuit packs, no longer requiring complex or costly hardware swapping.

Give your network the scalability it needs at a price your budgeting and growth projections can support with a used Nortel XA-Core from Worldwide Supply. Every Nortel XA-Core is backed by our lifetime warranty, and it enables you to scale your network to meet demands or grow into new service offerings.

Relieve Network Burdens with Used Nortel XA-Core

Network operators can improve their cost of ownership equations with the XA-Core because it delivers immediate relief when your offices struggle with capacity and memory.

Local number portability, switch consolidation, tandem growth, new services and the explosion in data calls no longer need to harm your service’s ability or reputation. Thanks to the unit’s 1.7-gigabyte addressable memory expand call processing capacity, your network will be able to improve overall service quality and ultimately adopt the new services and reliability that your customers demand.

Reduce maintenance costs and further your services by choosing a refurbished Nortel XA-Core from Worldwide Supply, your best deal on networking equipment and growth support.

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