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Even after years of active use in the network, Nortel EOL switches are still providing support to networks all over the world. Used Nortel Siemens switches present a wide range of options for you to optimize your IP, VPN and telephony networks. From front-end processing for data centers to top-line options for high-performance networking, Nortel Siemens’s lines of switches can help your network maintain high-performance standards.

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Digital Multiplex Switch Line

Nortel Siemens’s Digital Multiplex System (DMS) is a line of telephone exchange switches that initially arrived in the 1970s with control options for up to 100,000 telephone lines. Today, successors offer integration into a variety of business networks. The DMS-250 serves as the backbone for many long-distance carrier networks, while other models support international gateways. At Worldwide Supply, you can buy used Nortel Siemens switches in this family including the DMS-1, DMS-10, DMS-100 and DMS-250. For large scale options, consider the Meridian SL-100, based on the DMS-100 model. The Nortel Meridian line focuses on support for thousands of lines using voice features, data and LAN communications, CTI and communication information services.

Multiservice Access Options

To boost your network with used Nortel switches that provide high-end remote access, consider the CVX 1800 Multiservice Access Switch. Carriers and service providers have adopted it to maximize their network capabilities because of its port density, universal port options and scalability. A used Nortel Siemens switch can help improve your network’s support of VoIP, FoIP, VPN, tandem and wholesale services. Other popular models from Nortel Siemens include the BMC-II, SPME optical switch boxes, and the DMS SuperNode System called the XA-Core.

Sell Nortel Siemens Switches

Expand your budget by selling Nortel Siemens switches and other used OEM equipment to Worldwide Supply. Receive cash up front, and let us handle the process of removing your networking equipment from its location. Contact us or give us a call today at 888.328.2266 to sell your equipment.