Nortel Passport Multiservice and Ethernet Switches

Nortel Networks is a leading provider of high-level networking equipment, including switches. Leading recent developments and top support of LAN and WAN deployments are the Passport Ethernet and multiservice switch families.

With power for up to 160 Gbps multiservice cores that support 10 Gbps cards for POS, ATM and Gigabit Ethernet platforms, units like the Refurbished Nortel Passport 2000 switches can deliver what customers demand. Units expand to 320 Gbps useable per frame capacities and support an extensive set of connections and deployments in use by today’s leading networks, carriers and their customers.

Also in a leading position is the Nortel Magellan Passport line, which has been enhancing capabilities and lowering entry costs for ATM networks since the 1990s. Worldwide Supply has a complete lineup of Nortel Passport gear that can grow smaller deployments to large-scale operations.

Maximize your bandwidth allocation and management with smart Passport nodes and equipment that still leads in today’s network with economical functionality.

Benefits of Worldwide Supply and Nortel Magellan Passport Switches

Enhance your network’s delivery of data, voice and video as you push wire-speed traffic classification, support and filtering through a leading, efficient network.

Worldwide Supply provides a complete lineup of refurbished Nortel Passport gear that meets or exceeds original OEM standards with a lifetime warranty on everything you buy. Don’t let used Nortel Passport gear concern you — we’ve got certified technicians and a state-of-the-art repair facility to ensure everything we provide is ready for your network.

Plus, you can expand your network support and security through our international spare and repair services as well as 24/7 remote technical support from top engineers.

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