Find Success With Refurbished Nortel OPTera LHs

Expand your network for the long haul with Nortel’s OPTera LH 1600 series.

OPTera long haul platforms allow you to deliver Internet Protocol services and operations through significant optical amplifiers for a sturdy backbone that maintains reliability and capabilities so you can promise and provide leading services customers demand.

Units such as the Nortel OPTera LH 1600 deliver up to 80 channels of 10 Gbps capacity on any single optical fiber pair, powering transparent handling of multiple services even in multi-vendor environments. Manage wavelengths and bit rates you want for the most cost-effective deployment throughout your entire network.

No matter what auxiliary systems are being deployed, a refurbished Nortel OPTera LH platform will deliver the visibility and management you need for dense, disparate and complex environments.

Benefits Through Multiple Configurations of the Nortel OPTera

Used Nortel OPTera LH gear is a core building block of many carrier networks because it supports multiple deployment types and functions as a leading all-optical backbone.

Support up to 80 wavelengths and scale single-fiber capacity up to 800 Gbps with a full line of used Nortel OPTera LH gear from Worldwide Supply.

We’ll help you optimize your deployment through the combination of core components, translators, combiners, amplifiers and other equipment specifically designed to expand the reach of your most desirable, and profitable, wavelengths.

Boost your network by working with us for refurbished and used Nortel OPTera LH equipment that can give you qualified, OEM-quality support as your network initially reaches up to 320 Gbps and then grows far beyond a 1 Tbps deployment with fiber optimization.

We’ll help you reach every customer with the network strength they demand, thanks to used Nortel OPTera LH equipment from certified technicians and backed by industry-leading warranties.

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