Aviat CTR

Aviat has built a complete CTR unit that pairs indoor microwave modern unit functionality with the cell site router, giving you a simpler IP/MPLS deployment and improved network performance. Simplicity in design gives you more space, saves on install times and reduces your costs while still providing a significant network improvement.

You can further your savings by selecting a refurbished Aviat CTR from Worldwide Supply. We provide like-new equipment at a cost savings of up to 80% off the OEM pricing, which gives you a very significant improvement to your ROI thanks to a CTR’s ability to reduce your need for boxes.

Because we test, audit and certify each used Aviat CTR that we sell, you’re saving even more on regular maintenance costs when you get the latest and greatest technology.

Benefits of the Smallest Multi-Service Microwave Hub

Aviat bills its CTR as the smallest hub on the market that’s able to provide voice and low-speed mobile data access to a wide range of services. The CTR packs a big punch in its small form and single transport infrastructure. Some of the chief benefits include:

  • Simple design to reduce deployment costs
  • Improves network performance to keep latency low while providing Layer 3 awareness
  • Allows you to enable and deliver new services, even on enterprise and government scales, from a single, converged network infrastructure

Advantages of Choosing Worldwide Supply

Every refurbished Aviat CTR you buy from us comes with a lifetime warranty — that’s how confident we are in our ability to maintain, audit, test and provide high-quality equipment. We extend that warranty to all OEM networking equipment we provide.

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