Aviat WTM

Aviat WTM

The Aviat WTM lineup, such as the 6000 series, is designed to deliver all-IP trunking radio solutions, supporting up to 4 Gbit/s of aggregate data throughput. Improvements to the Aviat WTM offering focus on packet transport features that microwave systems were known for, but radio could not previously deliver.

Aviat’s WM line can deliver up to 360 Mbps of capacity per port and facilitate time-efficient network improvements, thanks to their simple design. Working across Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet applications, this line can expand to specialized deployments including 4G mobile RANs.

Your network deserves the best high-speed microwave backbone, especially as you try to bridge the gaps between mobile and fixed broadband services or reach new markets that lack some transitional infrastructure radio competitors require.

Top Benefits of an Aviat WTM

The new and used Aviat WTM options from Worldwide Supply will give you the traditional radio network benefits while also including today’s latest features.

Some of the benefits you can expect with a refurbished or new Aviat WTM added to your network include long-haul, high-performance trunking radio solutions, with coverage across the 4 to 13 GHz frequency bands. You’ll also get N+1 and N+0 trunking configurations that support Hybrid Ethernet and IP or TDM and STM-1 configurations — allowing you to support legacy infrastructure as you upgrade.

Units can facilitate many in-demand networking processes, from Ethernet switching and link aggregation to traffic prioritization and QoS controls. With synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) capabilities rounding out the offering, it makes a strong case for boosting your network’s performance with the WTM.

These features and more are a reason more network operators are turning to Aviat for their ultra-dependable wireless connection needs. The WTM 6000, in particular, has become a viable alternative for an all-IP network backbone.

Worldwide Supply can give you the exact used Aviat WTM units you need for a cost-effective, risk-minimizing migration from legacy TDM or SDH networks to hybrid solutions or even all-IP solutions. Each module we offer is fully certified to be up to OEM standards while offering you significant savings.

Get the control and network management you need with support across a wide range of frequencies, all for an affordable price and from a partner who offers 24/7 service, quick replacement parts and honors the standard lifetime warranty across almost every single device.

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