Improve the efficiency of your indoor network with the Eclipse series of hybrid and all-IP wireless backhaul microwave radios. Introduce them into your network for improvements on 4G/LTE/WiMAX platforms as well as legacy 2G/3G networks.

The Eclipse microwave switch uses an internal packet node intelligence unit to offer modular, scalable indoor support. Right now, Aviat Eclipse equipment are managing some of the largest networks in the world. You can get that same reliability and power when you choose Worldwide Supply, but save significantly off the original asking price when you choose one of our certified, like-new, refurbished Aviat Eclipse models.

Smart, Hybrid Design

The Eclipse INU supports an internal, carrier-grade Ethernet switch whose software delivers traffic classification, VLAN support, Ethernet throughput optimization and traffic priority assessments and routing. Its flexible deployment options can support standard, all-IP networking as well as hybrid TDM.

The hybrid architecture provides completely legacy TDM support as well as allows for the latest in Ethernet and IP traffic without any emulation. That means your network is extremely efficient and keeps latency low even as your demands shift.

Warrantied, Boosted Equipment

Refurbished Aviat Eclipse units from Worldwide Supply are all backed by a lifetime warranty — as are all of the pre-owned OEM products we stock — to make sure they’re reliable and trustworthy. Our expert, certified engineering and technician teams bring used models back to the same status as a new unit.

That focus on refurbished goods also means we pay and provide trade-in support for your used Aviat Eclipse equipment. When you need to expand your network or change your deployment, we can give you significant value for your assets, providing one final return on investment and a last boost to its lifetime value for your purchase teams.

When making a sales inquiry be sure to ask us about fast delivery, advanced support and replacement options, as well as our quality guarantee.

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