Oracle Acme Packet 6000 Series

Oracle Acme Packet 6000 Series

The Oracle Acme Packet 6000 series is a session border controller platform family for scaling future-generation services. The series combines groundbreaking performance, capacity and throughput with proven session delivery functions and features, building the foundation for future generation networks.

Built into a single-rack unit or a three-rack unit, you’re able to create a strong foundation for both RTC and IP services that are available today, plus future-proofing your network for the next innovation to hit your industry.

Understanding New and Used Oracle Acme Packet 6000 Units

The Acme Packet 6000 series relies on next-gen hardware with 64-bit symmetrical multiprocessing with an eye for modular systems that can grow and adapt as your business needs change. It runs existing Acme Packet OS and can work with a variety of other refurbished Acme Packet 6000, 3800, 2000 and other units.

Rear slots in all the 6000 series accommodate dual-port 10 Gbps NIUs, while some models will also support high-capacity transcode carrier modules.

Partnering with Worldwide Supply allows you to purchase refurbished Acme Packet 6000 at significant savings compared to the new OEM pricing, while not skimping on any reliability or functionality. You get flexible, high-volume support that can work at the core or borders of your network.

Features of the 6000 Series

Secure the network improvements you need with these units, but keep it affordable by working with us for a used Oracle Acme Packet 6000 unit. With our refurbished models, as well as new models, you can expect support for up to 1 million simultaneous subscribers, up to 650 calls per second, up to 80,000 anchored media sessions simultaneously or even up to 300,000 TLS sessions.

That’s a significant amount of power in both the 1RU and 3RU systems, which feature a maximum throughput of 20 Gbps and 40 Gbps, respectively.

Boost your network successfully and reliably by partnering with us for a used Acme Packet 6000 series unit that’s just right for your needs.

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