Oracle Acme Packet 4600

acme packet 4600

The Oracle Acme Packet 4600 is the highest-performing mid-range SBC platform, offering field-proven reliability and flexibility. With an improvement over past units built for mid-size to large networks, the 4600 unit provides high availability and versatility along with significant cost savings.

For operators seeking a mid-range communications platform, this 1RU provides a significant boost to existing platforms with flexibility, efficiencies and a diversity of functionality. It has gained prominence as a leading component of Oracle’s session control and delivery systems.

As a medium to large service provider, you can turn to Worldwide Supply for new, used and refurbished Oracle Acme Packet 4600 1RUs to boost your real-time communications deployment. We ensure reliability through thorough testing and quality measures and can improve your return on investment with a unique pricing structure.

Give your network the high-volume functionality and support you need by integrating the Oracle Acme Packet 4600 today.

Core Features of the Acme Packet 4600

The Oracle Acme Packet 4600 is a rack-mount unit built to support service provider and business networks while offering scalability and smooth performance that removes many of the limitations known for slowing down operations. The unit can transmit information and signals through its system at up to 20 Gbps while providing a route table capacity of approximately 2 million routes.

Offering a unique form factor, the Oracle Acme Packet 4600 can meet all your most complex media traffic and signaling needs. Whether you choose a new or refurbished model from us, here are some of the features and benefits you can expect:

  • Multiple options for dedicated encryption and transcoding
  • 480 GB of local storage capacity and 16 GB of memory
  • Display with navigable keypad function
  • Support for up to 80,000 signaled sessions
  • Facilitation of as many as 32,000 simultaneous anchored media sessions
  • Up to 500,000 tunnels with IMS Authentication and Key Agreement
  • High-performance symmetrical processing
  • Support for 12 DSP modules
  • Load balancing
  • HA redundant components and NEBS compliant offering
  • Compatibility with both AC and DC power supply
  • A 1 GbE and 10 GbE I/O in a single unit
  • Multiple configuration options including session border controller, session router, mobile security gateway and unified session manager

At Worldwide Supply, we take measures to ensure we offer high-end equipment from the industry’s top manufacturers. As a result, ordering a refurbished Oracle Acme Packet 4600 from our store will provide your business with financial benefits as well.

This product is a fast, cost-effective solution to your network’s power and traffic requirements. Experience significant savings and return when you select a compact, high capacity used Acme Packet 4600 from Worldwide Supply.

Acme Packet 4600 Specifications


  • Up to 500,000 tunnels with IMS Authentication and Key Argument
  • Up to 15,000 trans-coded sessions
  • Up to 16,000 transcripted call legs
  • Up to 250,000 TLS sessions
  • Provides multiple ports of 1 GbE (SPF) or 10 GbE (SPF+) connectivity
  • 480 GB local storage, 16 GB memory storage
  • Dual redundant, load sharing power supplies. 1100W maximum

Dimensions and Weight: 

  • (HxWxD) in (cm) = 1.7x 17.10 x 20 (4.37×43.43×50.80)
  • Wt. lbs (kg) = 20.5 (9.30)

Contact Worldwide Supply

Our standard lifetime warranty will protect each refurbished Oracle Acme Packet 4600 you purchase from us. Thanks to our 24/7 remote technical support, you can reach out to us any time with questions or concerns about the product. We want the equipment we deliver to succeed so your business can succeed.

This 4600 series unit offers all the flexibility you need to increase traffic and retain subscribers on your network. Contact us now to learn more about the Oracle Acme Packet 4600 or take a look at our other product pages to find the piece of equipment your business’s network needs.

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