Nortel S/DMS Express Platform Support

The S/DMS TransportNode OC-3 Express from Nortel is a late update to its OC-3 platform that provides cost-effective SONET transport vehicles for low- to moderate-capacity environments.

The Nortel S/DMS Express allows carriers to boost support in environments where voice and data traffic from multiple CSAs terminate in a central hub. While this was initially a focus in urban environments, providers have seen cost savings and enhanced support in rural, residential, small business and suburban deployments as well.

Benefits of Used Nortel S/DMS Express Equipment

The Nortel S/DMS Express system provides support for a variety of configurations:

  • Linear add or drop multiplexer
  • Optical hub
  • Point-to-point terminal
  • Unidirectional path switched ring nodes
  • With support for mixed DS-1, DS-3, OC-3 and STS-1 tributaries

Flex your muscle and adjust to almost any application with minimal reliance on cross-connect facilities. Give your network industry-leading bandwidth management thanks to built-in, non-blocking switching that’s able to handle up to 36 STS or 1008 VT channels.

Refurbished Nortel S/DMS Express network elements support transportation of up to three DS-3 signals or 84 DS-1 signals, with tributaries converted into SONET OC-3 optical signals for transmission via a single-mode fiber.

Gain flexibility as OC-3 signals that originate from your Express shelf can be organized as OC-12 TBM network tributaries or as OC-48 network elements.

Refurbished Nortel S/DMS Express equipment also shines when it comes to interoperability with S/DMS TransportNode OC-12, OC-48 and OC-192 network elements at a service hand-off point. Inter-shelf connection capabilities deliver SONET continuity via an overhead channel to two-way operations are functional and limit interference.

You protect your network and provide the reliable, scalable support it needs.

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