Why You Should Consider Selling Your Used Networking Equipment

Why You Should Consider Selling Your Used Network Equipment

Benefits of Selling Used Network and Server Equipment

There are three chief benefits to selling your used equipment, whether it’s servers and networking tools or the PCs sitting around your office:

  1. Limits growth: Legacy infrastructure has more support requirements than newer systems. If you’re upgrading the core of a backhaul network, you’ve got to ensure it’ll connect with all your remote location equipment, too. When those sites are running outdated tech, you’ve either got to engineer a custom solution or pay more for a platform that can reach that far back. Worst of all, you could only update halfway and then need to upgrade again shortly.
  2. Takes up space: Old equipment is harder to maintain and repair. It uses more parts and equipment, which newer systems often move away from after a few years. So, you need extra storage space to hang onto outdated equipment and all the excess you require to keep things running.
  3. Costs money: All the extra storage and increased maintenance time are going to eat into your revenue. If you’ve pulled it and stuck it on a shelf, then all you get is more expenses.

However, you can tackle all three of those concerns by selling the used equipment that you don’t need or that is holding your network back. By working with companies like Worldwide Supply, you can get a new source of revenue that makes it easier to afford growth, cuts storage costs and space requirements, plus gives your techs back all that extra time they spend maintaining failing equipment.

There’s no better reason to try our Cisco equipment buyback options, as well as those for dozens of other OEMs.

Used Equipment Is Safe to Sell

The chief concern we hear about selling used server equipment is that it feels unsafe. Worldwide Supply works hard with all our buyers and sellers to ensure that they’re protected when they work with us. For sellers, that means helping your team remove and reduce security threats, completely wiping and factory restoring equipment, and providing support for technical questions or concerns you have.

Working with trusted used IT equipment buyers is the safest way to grow while protecting your current network. It takes just a few seconds to fill out our contact form and tell us your concerns. Our experts can discuss the process with you, offer suggestions to remove data, and explain our promises and guarantees, which are explicitly designed to protect companies that sell used networking equipment to us.

Having questions is perfectly reasonable. We’re here to help you answer them and feel comfortable with selling used server and other equipment.

Secondary Benefit of Selling IT Equipment

Most businesses today commit to operating in an environmentally friendly way. Buying and selling used equipment create a demonstrable way your company can meet these goals – and that’s plenty of fuel to use to advertise the green-ness of your business to customers.

Today, companies and citizens in the U.S. throw away up to 85% of all electronics, which puts chemicals and other hazards into our environment. This e-waste accounts for 70% of all toxic waste because of its heavy metals, silicon, and more. By selling your used equipment of all kinds, you’re keeping it out of landfills and ultimately out of the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.

Your vendors and partners may also want to ensure that their supply chain meets specific green standards. Selling used equipment, plus other e-waste recycling programs, is a simple and efficient way to achieve those standards. Selling to us also makes it a cost-effective solution, because Worldwide Supply is a leading used IT equipment buyer for hundreds of product families and peripherals.

Where to Sell Used Networking Equipment

Perhaps the best news about selling used equipment is that the industry is booming. There are plenty of places to choose from to get the best deal. You’ve got companies like us who work with equipment from many different OEMs, branded programs like Cisco’s equipment buyback, and many general websites or companies that only serve to help you find buyers.

There are popular resale websites designed to help you find an audience. Craigslist was among the most common in the past, though Facebook and Reddit are also growing because they have communities for a variety of specific professionals and industries. But it’s important to remember that these websites often offer little protection against fraud.

eBay is still a standard option for older and used networking equipment. It provides a broad selection based on its sellers. The primary concern with eBay is that you’re paying sometimes steep seller fees and it can take some time to find a buyer.

OEMs offer their own buyback programs as well. The specifics vary for each equipment manufacturer, but their websites usually provide enough details for you to judge them and links to partners who may purchase your equipment.

The other option is to work with a direct used IT equipment buyer like Worldwide Supply. We can discuss the purchase of used equipment for almost any type of network. You can sell to us directly for cash or put the proceeds towards the purchase of new and used equipment from any OEM we stock.

Our experts are here to help you determine the best value for your equipment and to find the right options to help you grow. Contact us with the form above or call the Worldwide Supply Procurement Team at 888.328.2266 to get started.