When You Should Buy Used Network Equipment

When You Should Buy Used Network Equipment

Money is the chief driver of any conversation about when you should buy used IT equipment — especially used networking equipment. One side wants to buy the latest, shiniest piece of tech while the other worries and struggles to see if you can afford it. While it’s common, we think there’s a much more nuanced discussion that businesses should have when it comes to acquiring technology that best fits their business needs.

When you focus everything on the “need,” you’ll also build a strategy about when you should buy used anything, and what’s smartest for your growth. Here’s a quick look at when to buy used network equipment.

Is the New Feature a Must-Have?

Here’s where the new-versus-used debate should center: does the newest model have a feature that your network demands?

If your answer is “no,” then you could save up to 80% off OEM pricing by going with a used model. You’ll get support for all the features you do need and have plenty of revenue left over to spend on further expansions. This is a primary reason why you should buy used.

If this is an absolute “yes,” then look for the newest model. However, if you’re looking at a system that’s older than a few months, you don’t necessarily have to look for a new unit. Used versions of the latest model are often available shortly after its release because companies jumped at the shiny object only to realize it wasn’t the right fit.

Even if you need the newest features, this doesn’t necessarily impact when to buy used network equipment.

Can Older Models Support Your Needs?

Often, the “ideal” new piece of technology delivers more than a company needs, or even more features than you can use. OEMs play on fears that used equipment will be old or dangerous to your network’s health. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The features and software of used network equipment actually will work for you when you need them, without loss of quality or capability.

For example: the OS license is transferable, the firmware supports updates, and IT support is available from many OEMs, and us, for your used gear. Plus, Worldwide Supply offers a complete in-house testing lab to review all of the used equipment we sell. That means no loss of quality or service capability when you buy used.

Whether you’re a small network looking to grow or an enterprise service provider who demands quality and high availability, we offer a complete equipment review as well as a maintenance program to ensure you can run long past EOS and EOL dates on most of the equipment we provide.

Can You Afford to Buy New With Your Current Budget?

It might seem a little strange that the cost question shows up so late in our discussion, but this is the most appropriate place for it. After you’ve determined the need and your growth, it’s time to look at what you can afford. If the new feature set is smart but not required, and you’re cash-strapped due to other growth, it might make sense to have a stopgap.

Sometimes supporting your network right now, and keeping customers happy as you grow, is the best way to increase the customer lifetime value and build up the revenue you need to expand. A used platform can often make the difference in achieving success today, especially if the new tech option would eat up too much revenue.

Are You Looking in the Right Place to Make That Decision?

Considering when to buy used network equipment should also look at the infrastructure you have and are potentially replacing, or the older infrastructure you must support. Sometimes the newest tech won’t work with installed legacy platforms, and that can dramatically increase your costs.

To help our customers understand these concerns, Worldwide Supply offers a variety of support experts and services to help you determine which systems will support your network as-is. If there’s a feature you need, we can also help you find a variety of platforms and equipment that will bring it to your deployment.

If the equipment you need seems out of reach, we can also work with you to trade in your older networking equipment to secure a smart revenue stream for expansion. Save more when you buy used IT equipment and trade in your old gear at Worldwide Supply.

Answering: “Should I Buy Used Network Equipment Today?”

Here’s why you should buy used equipment: you’re still getting the same excellent service and quality, but without the sticker shock. And, in some cases, you miss out on the guinea pig phase where early adopters discover flaws and rapidly search for fixes when things go wrong.

Worldwide Supply is proud to offer you full access to our reviews and information on any product you’re considering to ensure that it has been tested, quality certified, and shown to meet your needs. Couple that with our NetGuard maintenance program and you have a solid solution at a lower cost.

For most of today’s networks, there’s almost no reason why you shouldn’t buy used.