Top 12 Cable Networking Products for 2019

Top 12 cable networking products 2019

Many cable companies feel that new cable products are their only option. The truth is that used cable equipment can offer equally good results and value for a significantly lower investment.

Fortunately, at Worldwide Supply, we carry a wide range of used cable products from well-known brands such as ARRIS and Cisco. Every year, the market is inundated with pieces of used equipment, which allows smaller cable companies with limited budgets to build the systems they need with top-quality, cutting-edge technology.

In 2018, many cable companies found out for themselves how they could benefit from purchasing used cable equipment. Based on the sales trends of last year, we’ve compiled a list of the top 12 pieces of used cable equipment for sale in 2019.

1. CASA C100G CMTS Systems

If your organization is an ultra-broadband provider and focuses on systems that are greater than 1 Gbps, you’ll be happy to know that Casa Systems offers some of the best equipment available. And one significant advantage to Casa Systems equipment is that it can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures, which minimizes the need to completely replace your current equipment. With the C100G- Chassis DC, C100G- DS8X96-256-3.1-4V and C100G-US16X8, we offer plenty of choice.

2. Cisco UBR10K CMTS Systems

We offer a full line of used Cisco CMTS systems. With the Cisco UBR10K platform, you’ll get the ability to use wideband channel-bonding technology, which will allow you to provide a higher bandwidth service to your customers for a better price. And thanks to the use of QAM technology that can greatly enhance your downstream capacity, you can lower your operational costs.

3. ARRIS C4 CMTS Systems

These ARRIS CMTS systems are specifically designed for carrier-grade operations while offering outstanding wire-speed performance and service availability under all conditions. More efficient than previous models, they enable the cost-effective delivery of high-quality, carrier-grade data, IPTV and voice services. Best of all, the components still support software upgrades, which means they’ll stay relevant for new configuration options and changing networks.

4. Cisco SFP-10G-SR

This powerful 850nm Cisco transceiver module has an LC duplex connector and a multi-mode fiber cable of 300 meters. Because we understand that time is of the essence for your operations, we’ll make sure we can almost always deliver your SFP the next day. Moreover, we offer a wide range of other hard to find, current generation and end of life or end of sale SFPs, SFP+s, GLCs, DWDMs and CWDMs.

5. Cisco CPAK-100G-LR4

This router offers high-density 100 Gbps connectivity, which makes it ideal for connections in data centers as well as service provider edge networks. It’s very compact and highly energy-efficient while at the same time providing greater front-panel bandwidth and port density than comparable products. Thanks to Cisco complementary metal-oxide semiconductor — or CMOS — photonic technology, it offers industry-leading performance, optical integration, scalability and power savings.

6. Cisco 15454-M-10X10G-LC

When it comes to optical transport, the Cisco 15454 10-Port 10 Gbps Line Card absolutely delivers. It simplifies the transport and integration of 10-Gbps services and interfaces into service provider or enterprise optical networks. It can significantly reduce the cost-to-carry bandwidth, which helps improve overall profitability.

7. Cisco uBR-MC20x20V-20D

This is a next-gen line card for the uBR10012 Cisco Universal Broadband Router. It features 20 downstream and 20 upstream channels while still delivering the same excellence you’ve come to expect from Cisco. With higher density and faster speeds — all with a scalable and flexible architecture — it provides support for EuroDOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS.

8. Cisco NCS2K-200G-CK-C

If you’re looking for equipment that will enable you to meet your customers’ ever-increasing bandwidth needs, as well as greater programmability and agility to respond quickly in a dynamic network environment, this system is the right choice for you. Thanks to its use of nLight Silicone, it combines soft-decision forward error correction with multi-modulation capability, which enables it to trade off reach versus transmission rate. The outcome is outstanding optical performance.

9. Cisco A9K-8x100GE-SE

This 8-port 100 Gigabit Ethernet Line Card delivers top of the line high density to any designated slot of a Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Router. It removes bottlenecks in the network that are caused by a sudden increase in IPTV, VoD, Internet video, point-to-point video and cloud services traffic. Thanks to its Cisco CPAK™ technology, customers gain the ability to mix and match the different types of interfaces on the same line card.

10. Cisco uBR-MC88V

This next-gen line card supports the Cisco uBR7200 Series Universal Broadband Router, making it one of the most advanced platforms for entry-level or mid-level CMTSs available on the market today. Cable operators, ISPs and MxU businesses can leverage its high bandwidth capabilities to deliver carrier-class IP-based video, data and voice services in the most cost-effective manner possible.

11. Cisco UBR-MC3G60V

This Cisco broadband processing engine offers full DOCSIS 3.0 support for the uBR10012 Universal Broadband Router. It features 60 upstream and 72 DOCSIS downstream channels per card, which greatly enhances the capability of CMTS solutions.

12. Cisco UBR10K-PRE5

Designed to provide better scalability and higher performance, this Performance Routing Engine offers cable providers a flexible, simple path to an all-IP infrastructure without overburdening operations, budget or space requirements.

Discover the Benefits of Used Cable Equipment

Purchasing new cable equipment can provide you with access to the latest technology and support features. Nevertheless, for smaller cable companies, used cable modem transmission systems can offer the same capabilities at a much lower price.

Purchasing used Cable equipment from Worldwide Supply offers several advantages, including:

  • Cost control: You gain access to top-quality equipment for a lower price.
  • Lifetime warranties: While OEM devices come with a limited warranty, used equipment from Worldwide Supply comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Sufficient replacements: It can be challenging to find replacement parts once a manufacturer stops producing a piece of equipment. With used cable equipment, it’s easier to find affordable replacement components that you can keep on hand.

Used cable equipment can help you run — or even improve — your operations within your budget. If you’re thinking about adding used devices to your operations in 2019, consider choosing Worldwide Supply to buy or sell your devices.