The Benefits of Selling Your Old IT Equipment

Benefits of Selling Your Old IT EquipmentStop tossing your used IT equipment and start turning it into a brand-new investment to help grow your network. It’s easy to come up with the advantages of buying the latest equipment to build your network. However, we invite you to take a moment to think about the many benefits your company will experience if you sell your used telecom equipment — even the oldest stuff — instead of tossing it when you upgrade a site or cabinet.

Used telecom equipment is almost always valuable to somebody’s network, and we’ve found that even gear that’s worked in the field for a decade can be refurbished and made helpful to someone else. The right partner can make all the different for getting a high price and the network enhancements you need.

Getting the best value shouldn’t mean spending hours trying to line up buyers or dealing with slow customer portals that deliver poor rates. If you’re spending all week selling, those hours cut directly into the value of your old tech.

Normal wear and tear — forget considerable damage — can make used telecom and IT equipment undesirable to many buyers when they’re looking for a single piece for their company. So, you could easily face a long sales process that ends up with a tough negotiation and a low price because you’re just ready to get rid of the tools that are taking up space in your warehouse.

Weigh the potential gains from selling used telecom equipment with your team, and you’ll see why you need a partner who buys all kinds of networking equipment for top-dollar.

Take some time to look at your inventory and then focus on how to sell used IT equipment in a way that’s best for you, the buyer and our environment. It’s easier than you think — this report will walk you through some of that process.

Your Benefits of Selling Used Telecom Equipment

When it’s time to sell your used IT equipment, you probably start thinking about the money you’ll get from the sale itself. That’s definitely the right place to start when you make a list of benefits, but we also wanted to go over a few more opportunities and areas of savings that you might not necessarily think of immediately.

Selling used IT equipment comes with a few other areas of instant savings that most of us know, but often forget to include when crafting our budget. These savings include reductions in maintenance and repair costs, which was likely common if your telecom equipment was on the older side. You may also need to purchase fewer spare parts, and you’ll save your technicians time because they won’t have to go to remote sites as often.

Savings also extend to storing the equipment and its replacements, as well as spare parts for specialty tools that you might’ve needed for accessing outdoor microwave radios, getting into unique or OEM-specific cabinets and sometimes the unofficial modifications that were created to access poorly designed equipment, cabinets and placements of the past.

If your gear was very time-worn or the models have been updated recently to take advantage of new wireless and wireline technologies, you will also likely see reduced costs related to hard-to-find spare parts and equipment. You no longer need to search through multiple sites and reach out to a lot of vendors to get the materials you need, thanks to a simple upgrade.

Selling used telecom equipment gives you an opportunity to improve your network’s capabilities while also cutting costs for legacy and end-of-life gear.

You know that sometimes you get rid of equipment because you’ve grown or changed services — not because there’s something wrong with the machinery. So, by trading or selling used telecom equipment, you are enabling another company to grow their network with quality devices. It’s a path that helps everyone grow at an affordable rate, protecting jobs and the health of our economy.

Your marketing efforts can also be improved because selling and buying used equipment — as opposed to trashing old equipment and buying new — is a green practice. You can highlight your efforts to ensure that no tech goes to waste and you’re not contributing to America’s electronic waste problem that creates hazardous living conditions in other countries.

There are also opportunities to reduce the number of suppliers you need to work with, which can save you time and money by limiting your pool to only trusted and verified companies. Finding someone you trust to sell your equipment and then buying or trading from them gives you a one-stop-shopping experience — plus the reseller may have an existing network to leverage to find other legacy or EOL equipment you’re after right now.

We recommend looking for partners who specialize in used equipment and trades because it can make it significantly easier to sell used telecom equipment with a partner who has a trade protocol.

Selling used telecom equipment gives you an opportunity to improve network capabilities while cutting costs

Trade or Sell Used IT Equipment

One of the main benefits of buying used IT equipment is that you’re saving money, and it’s also at the heart of the benefits of selling used telecom equipment, too.

Companies like yours often turn to reliable used equipment because it generates savings while allowing them to expand their network where it’s needed. Many systems don’t need the most advanced devices if the equipment isn’t obsolete. And telecom networks are changing and expanding every day, so there is a constant influx of new and different equipment.

You can make the most of past investments by partnering with used telecom equipment buyers like Worldwide Supply. We offer the ability to trade in your equipment instead of outright selling it. Sometimes this can yield the right equipment for growing your network and generate a higher return based on your needs.

Specific Benefits of Working With Worldwide Supply

Our business as a used telecom equipment provider and purchaser gives you significant access to a full range of equipment. Whether you’re building out an overhaul, back-end, fiber backbone or just updating your cabinets, we’ve got a wide range of equipment for the best telecom OEMs.

We’ve spent more than three decades in this particular space, so we have a thorough knowledge of the procurement process and can work with your team to assist with agreements, audits, equipment requirements, certifications and more.

Another reason companies really like working with us is that we offer the highest cash values paid in the industry for all your network hardware and wireless products. Plus, you get a hassle-free process with no time-consuming negotiations or logistics concerns. Worldwide Supply will handle all pack and ship, removals and transportation coordination to get your equipment to you.

We've got a wide range of equipment for the best telecom OEMs

Things to Look for in a Trade Partner

When considering how to sell used IT equipment, it’s always best to create a profile of the companies you want to use. Building a blueprint of the people you want to work with allows you to know what questions to ask, identify gaps, compare costs and ensure that their supply and quality meet your needs.

To assist in creating your list, here are some of the promises we make and considerations we suggest for people who are thinking about selling or swapping equipment with Worldwide Supply:

  • Get almost any type of excess or unused telecom equipment off your books.
  • No cash changes hands, unless you want us to buy your equipment outright.
  • Harnesses the power of your hidden assets as a new revenue stream. We call this transforming CapEx into No CapEx.
  • Certified technicians who can help you select the right equipment and parts to develop creative strategies for innovative technology demands.
  • Flexible payment and other agreement options, including account credit that can be applied when you want it most.
  • Standard lifetime warranty on the equipment we sell or trade.
  • International spares and repair services with expedited options for most jurisdictions.
  • 24×7 remote technical support programs.

These are just a few of the main things we think you should consider for any trade or sales partner. Certified engineers, familiarity with the industry and a long history — to ensure that your warranties are actually useful — are three must-haves for your trade relationship.

Environmental Benefits of Selling Used IT Equipment

We know that up to 85% of electronics that get thrown away end up in landfills or incinerators, releasing toxic elements into the environment. Electronics like telecom equipment make up a tiny fraction of the total waste America throws away each year, but account for 70% of toxic waste that’s in our environment.

And it’s a drain on our economy, as well.

Globally, only 15% of e-waste was properly reclaimed, meaning companies and municipalities were able to recover $7.4 billion in 2014, according to this STEP report. The 85% of e-waste not properly reclaimed or recycled represents a loss of $40.6 billion in assets.

Recycling is good for the environment and is an easy way to boost your marketing and customer outreach, as mentioned before. One of the current EPA stats we hear is that recycling 1 million laptops saves the energy equivalent of the power 3,500 U.S. homes will use in an entire year. Your company’s recycling efforts can be part of setting and reaching such a goal.

Electronics, especially telecom equipment, are full of valuable copper, silver, gold, palladium. They’re also full of silicon and a variety of heavy metals and chemicals that will leach into groundwater and soil, polluting and poisoning the environment.

You can help prevent some of this harm by working with used telecom equipment buyers to limit hazardous materials from entering landfills and dumps. Even if you’re not able to turn it into a positive outward-facing event, it’s the right thing to do for the longevity of the place you live and the people you serve.

85% of electronics end up in landfills or incinerators

Used Telecom Equipment Buyers Benefit, Too

One set of benefits you may not consider when thinking about how to sell used IT equipment are those experienced by the telecom equipment buyers themselves.

When companies like Worldwide Supply can buy your used electronics, we can refurbish them and bring them back up to OEM standards — or strip damaged items to create usable spare parts. This allows us to deliver quality parts and equipment to other network operators without having to machine or produce new equipment.

Recycling and reusing goods and e-waste is a way we’re able to protect the quality of our air and water. Plus, we get the further benefit of helping other networks keep their legacy and EOL equipment running. They aren’t forced to scrap materials, furthering the use of existing gear and keeping it out of landfills and dumps.

Most people trade or sell working, used telecom equipment that takes only a little effort to get back in tip-top shape. So, we help companies continue to grow and expand without harming their profitability, ensuring a stream of customers for us and a steady cash flow they can use to maintain and grow their workforce along with their own client lists.

Sometimes that also means providing maintenance programs, such as our NetGuard, to minimize the number of visits and costs our customers have. It’s one way you can avoid costly OEM upgrades and a way we can provide an added value to every client.

We have our own internal IT Asset Management programs that set green goals and have clear audit processes. It allows us to support your ITAM efforts while meeting our commitments. We’ve published some thoughts on how we can protect the planet and how the specific products and services we offer are designed to do that, too.

Your benefits of selling used telecom equipment become ours as we share the savings and reliability with other customers who need what you’ve outgrown.

We have our own internal IT asset management programs

How to Trade or Sell Used IT Equipment

There are many different channels you can use to sell or trade your used IT and telecom equipment. Different vendors, personal sale service and recycling options will yield different challenges and returns on your initial investment, so it’s best to consider each option carefully.

Worldwide Supply specialists are available 24/7 to work with you to develop a plan to maximize the profitability of your used IT and telecom equipment, whether you’re looking to sell it for cash or trade it in for the equipment you need to grow your network.

We provide a reliable way for you to trade excess, remove outdated equipment, update sites or adopt the latest tech your customers demand by exchanging for new equipment from us or securing credit for tomorrow. All OEMs are welcome, and our technicians can verify and ensure any new equipment you get from us will live up to original OEM standards and surpass estimated EOL dates.

And we’ll handle all the shipping and logistics concerns so you save money and headaches, focusing instead on how to grow your network and expand the services that matter most to your customers. You can rely on us for inbound and outbound materials management, in-transit services, route optimization, carrier selection, routing, tracking, compliance and everything else your shipment and audits require.

Never struggle with how to sell used IT equipment again.

Contact Worldwide Supply for an entirely free evaluation of your existing equipment and to get a quote, or call us directly at 888.328.2266 to get started now.