Premature Hardware Upgrades Could Be Costing You BIG!

At the pleasure of OEMs, many companies are spending needlessly to upgrade their networking equipment. Is your company one of them?

A recent study showed that around 80 percent of businesses update their networking infrastructure every five years at the recommendation of industry vendors. When OEMs set their end-of-life schedules, most companies think their only choice is to upgrade and to spend tremendous amounts of money. Most are unaware that they have other options. This means they are being strong-armed to buy new equipment because the products they own are no longer supported by the OEMs.  Does this sound familiar?

Companies like Worldwide Supply can offer options for equipment no longer supported by OEMs. One such option is NetGuard, Worldwide Supply’s alternative maintenance program that helps businesses keep their equipment running in their network and help avoid costly upgrades.

NetGuard includes:

  • Next or same business day hardware replacement
  • 24/7/365 Tech Support by Certified Service Engineers
  • Access to Worldwide Supply’s knowledge base and tools for easy access to online tech info and service request management
  • Up to 50% off maintenance program costs offered by OEMs

Get a $50 Amazon Gift Card* if you let us provide a complimentary network evaluation to see what savings your company can recognize by taking advantage of NetGuard.

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*Offer ends 12/31/13.

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