Harris Megastar Microwave Radio Series

Harris MegaStar microwave radio terminals and repeaters continue to make a mark in the network landscape. They present you with a cost-effective way to build out your network. Refurbished Harris MegaStar radios can keep networks running for years. There’s no end in sight for their functionality, thanks to built-in support and maintenance options, as well as a broad set of integration capabilities.

Refurbished Harris MegaStar radios provide line-of-sight 3xDS3, SONET and SDH units that deliver significant power in a very compact form. Your network will expand with these options because they’re designed to support rapid network deployment, while also delivering strong backup support for fiber optic traffic.

These end-of-life microwave radios, terminals and repeaters continue to deliver for companies every day. These high-capacity used Harris microwave radios are perfect for achieving network gains while remaining a cost-effective solution.

We offer a full line of used MegaStars to boost your growth at an affordable rate.

Capabilities of Harris MegaStar Microwave Radio Networks

Harris Megastar microwave radios were headline grabbers when they were among the first to deliver 1.2 Gbps back in the late 1990s. Models allowed for early conversion from asynchronous DS3 to synchronous SONET/SDH or ATM networks by managing different signal interfaces.

Today, used Harris MegaStar devices are still being placed into service thanks to their ability to automate a wide range of maintenance and service tests and calibrations. They still live up to early promises of reducing expenditures to as little as one-tenth compared to similar units.

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