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The strength of Nortel networks endures, and the company's subscriber carriers remain some of the most reliable high-density service provider systems available. If your existing commercial network needs the support of Nortel equipment, Worldwide Supply has an economical option that will keep your operations running smoothly.

You may be thinking that because Nortel sold its assets, it’s time to invest in a completely new network system. However, the benefit of working with Worldwide Supply is that we offer support, maintenance and replacement parts for all our equipment offerings. This means you can keep your Nortel equipment up to date without having to make major changes or adjust to a new learning curve.

Our new and refurbished Nortel subscriber carrier units are designed to support the deployment of effective telephone services to each of your subscribers. A faster, stronger network will give you the opportunity to integrate technology with your business more reliably than ever.

Order a Refurbished Nortel Subscriber Carrier

We carry a massive selection of Nortel subscriber carrier units and parts. Whether you’re looking for a piece of equipment that can handle high-bandwidth network functions or a system component that can help uphold performance in any location, Worldwide Supply has a solution you can count on.

With support for a high quantity of lines per unit, these subscriber carriers save time and money while providing powerful services for DSL, SONET and more. Many of the used Nortel subscriber carrier products we offer have a wide range of compatibility, so you can benefit even if you use equipment from other OEMs.

Our inventory of Nortel subscriber carriers includes:

  • Nortel AccessNode Express: This platform is ideal for managing 12- to 192-line applications, offering top-of-the-line speed and bandwidth capabilities.
  • Nortel DE-4: If you’re looking for configuration versatility and long-lasting performance, you can rely on DE-4 products to support your network.
  • Nortel IMAS: As a cost-effective alternative to DSLAMs, the Nortel IMAS will allow you to more easily manage all parts of your DSL system.

Your network plays a central role in keeping your business afloat as the service provider industry becomes more demanding. Our goal is to provide you with fast, affordable options that will give your system room to grow. All our new and refurbished Nortel subscriber carriers are optimized to ensure longevity and come with our standard lifetime warranty.

Sell Your Equipment to Worldwide Supply

Before you order a new piece of Nortel equipment from Worldwide Supply, is there any old equipment you want to dispose of? If so, we’ll pay you cash or apply a credit to your account to take it off your hands. Browse our product pages to learn more about our used Nortel subscriber carriers or contact us for more information on how you can receive compensation for yours!