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In an increasingly digitized world, it’s more crucial than ever for companies to have access to equipment that can support the demands of digital media. With Worldwide Supply’s selection of Nortel digital video products, you can deliver high-quality digital media capabilities to all your subscribers at the optimal speed and frequency.

Nortel offered some of the industry’s leading innovative telecommunications solutions. However, since the company filed for bankruptcy and sold its assets, it's up to third-parties like us to make sure service providers and other businesses can access the Nortel equipment they need. At Worldwide Supply, we carry older products like the Nortel DMT-300 for networks that need reliable digital multiplexing capabilities.

Enhance Your Network With Nortel Digital Video

If you need a more efficient way to provide digital services to your subscribers, consider ordering one of our Nortel digital multiplexers. These devices will allow you to transmit a variety of digital signals at once, so you can ensure all subscribers have access to the network services they need.

Our refurbished Nortel digital video products provide you with:

  • More control over your network operations
  • Increased system security and reliability
  • Greater input capabilities
  • Reduced labor for employees
  • More satisfied customers

With Nortel digital video equipment, you can enjoy the benefits of high-speed video services and other digital media on one platform. The DMT-300 series is ideal for low voltage applications and will deliver the level of performance you need to compete in the current market. We offer a wide selection of DMT-300 transceivers, modules, alarms and more. Browse our product selection below to find what you need.

Sell Your Nortel Equipment

At Worldwide Supply, our job is to find old or used telecom equipment and return it to its former glory. This means that if you have any older Nortel digital video products or other equipment at your location that you want to remove without throwing away, we’re your number one resource.

If you’re interested in selling your networking equipment, you’ll receive a cash offer — or, through our Trade & Exchange program, you’ll receive a credit to your Worldwide Supply account that you can use to upgrade your digital video equipment!

Order Used Nortel Digital Video Equipment From Worldwide Supply

Thanks to our standard lifetime warranty and variety of services, your business will earn a significant return on investment when you order Nortel equipment from Worldwide Supply. Let us help you maintain your network and digital services with our OEM products and support. Once you find the product you need, contact us to request a quote!