Alpha Argus RST

The Alpha Argus RST Switched Mode Rectifier/Eliminator offers leading capabilities for industrial, municipal and network buildouts with best-in-class support. The RST series of rectifiers uses a high-frequency switched mode conversion methodology to give you fully regulated and isolated DC output from the mains.

Individual unit rectifiers — often 48-volt units — support a positive ground configuration in most deployments, but lower-voltage units can be ordered for either positive or negative ground options. Each is designed to work without an external battery to meet high power demands and performance requirements.

Partnering with Worldwide Supply for a refurbished Alpha Argus RST can help your business save up to 80% off the initial OEM pricing, while giving you certified equipment that’s as strong and reliable as any new RST.

Durable and Reliable Rectifiers

The Alpha Argus RSTs build on a legacy reaching back to 1987 and offer field-proven durability and reliability, with thousands of existing installs in power systems all around the globe. The all-in-one design allows them to provide power in a compact unit that’s resistant to harsh environments and built to last.

One of the chief benefits of new and used Alpha Argus RST models is that they’re simple to install and operate. Factory presets are simple to change, wiring and meters are easy to access and units support a variety of stacking options with no space required between units.

Smart and Safe Investments

Refurbished Alpha Argus RST models represent your best investment option for an RST, because we’ve tested, reviewed and certified every RST to be good as new. We’re so confident with our like-new equipment that we back each used item with a lifetime warranty that comes with quick support, repairs, maintenance and other service options if you ever need it.

Additionally, we also purchase used Alpha Argus RST equipment from companies just like you, because we know we have the complete capabilities to get it into proper working order that will last throughout the device’s lifetime. Use the links above or at the bottom of this page to learn more.

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