Alpha Argus RSM

Alpha Argus RSM rectifier systems are a component-based power solution designed to fit into most common cabinet enclosures, with multiple modes of support.

Used Alpha Argus RSM units from Worldwide Supply are properly designed to power equipment in confined spaces or with minimal clearance. The module development allows it to adjust to your specific cabinet needs and adjust as those needs change.

Alpha Argus has staked its reputation on reliability and consistent power delivery, so we’re pleased to offer new and refurbished Alpha Argus RSM units designed specifically to expand your network and maintain your services.

Benefits of Refurbished Alpha Argus RSM

Alpha Argus RSM models offer a significant set of benefits and features available to you and your network.

Units offer support for one or more power modules and the inclusion of supervisory and distribution models, so you have the capability to include alarm, distribution, input and output relays. The RSMs also feature the ability to integrate at the time of your cabinet construction or any moment thereafter, making them versatile in many deployments.

Hot-swappable units that can shift as needed with expansion support for up to two cabinets, with one supervisory master, allow your deployment to meet demands of almost any kind in almost any space.

Not only do you get these Alpha Argus RSM features, but you’ll also experience specific benefits by working with Worldwide Supply. We offer a state-of-the-art testing facility so that every refurbished Alpha Argus RSM product we sell has been thoroughly reviewed and approved.

We also offer standard lifetime warranties, international and speedy parts replacement services, 24/7 tech support and engineering support for adding a used Alpha Argus RSM to your network.

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