Repair Programs

Worldwide Supply Repair Services is one of the largest and most experienced telecommunications repair companies globally. We offer our clients data, wireline and wireless telecommunications equipment repair solutions to provide the most cost-effective alternatives. Over the last decade, we’ve repaired thousands of Cisco and other OEM units for our clients throughout North America, South America and Europe and maintain some of the highest customer satisfaction levels in the industry.

New and Used Networking Equipment Repair

You’ve got a mix of new, used and refurbished equipment in your network. Keeping track of that is problematic enough, so you shouldn’t have to get different repair packages for each section too.

We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive repair solution that provides the same reliability for everything. There’s no price debate or problem — just a single way to offer you the best new and used network equipment repair from today’s leading OEMs.

Our comprehensive network equipment repair teams can help with on-site and remote support, train your team on the software and equipment you need for maintenance or ongoing protection and even help keep your data secure.

Quick and Powerful Networking Equipment Repair

We’re dedicated to providing an extraordinary service experience with industry leading turnaround times (TAT), as well as one (1) day turnaround times for all exchange and advance replacement products. And our fixed-price repairs take the uncertainty out of knowing the cost to repair.

Telecom Equipment Repair and Exchange Services

Worldwide Supply supports both factory new and legacy equipment. Our telecommunications equipment repair services include:

  • Central Office Switching
  • Optical Transport
  • Data – Router, Switches, IP Phones
  • Power and Amplifiers
  • Wireless BTS & BSC
  • Microwave Radios
  • Filters, Combiners and Mixers

Quality and Warranty Guarantee

Our TL 9000 certification ensures that our quality management systems guarantee the highest quality on every repair and refurbishment. Combined with our industry leading one year warranty on all equipment repairs and exchanges, provide our clients with the confidence that we are the right choice to manage all your critical network assets.

Contact us online, at or call 888.328.2266 to learn about our repairs services.