Cisco Repair Programs

Repair services for Cisco routers, switches, phones and more.Cisco Logo

How does Worldwide Supply keep one of the largest stockpiles of fully functional Cisco networking equipment available to businesses like yours? We have some of the best Cisco equipment repair experts in the business. From regular maintenance and service to full refurbishment and repairs, plus even some custom re-engineering of parts and add-ons, our team can’t be beat.

Worldwide Supply Cisco Repair Services is here to offer you complete support and maintenance tools to keep your network running smoothly. We’ll be the first on the ground to help with Cisco switch and router repair as well as assistance with a variety of additional and smaller devices. There’s no central-office cabinet too large and no Cisco phone repair too small for us.

For more than a decade, we’ve been conducting Cisco equipment repairs. Thousands of Cisco routers and switches have crossed our threshold only to be shipped back good-as-new to clients across North and South America as well as throughout Europe.

Take our repair services for a test-drive and see why we have one of the highest customer satisfaction levels in the industry for Cisco equipment repairs and those of any other communications OEM.

Cisco Repair and Exchange Support

What’s the difference between repaired Cisco equipment from Worldwide Supply and a new router straight from the OEM? We’ll save you up to 90 percent on your purchase and maintenance costs.

Worldwide Supply provides a comprehensive Cisco router repair offering that includes a lifetime warranty on the work we do. We’re engineered from the ground up to give you a complete working piece of equipment that’s been tested and proven.

Our state-of-the-art repair and testing facilities use real-world scenarios to bring your equipment back up to the reliability and performance levels that your network and customers demand. And it doesn’t matter if you come to us with the latest switches or legacy servers that have seen plenty of days. If there’s life to be found in your equipment, we’ll bring it out and give you something designed to last for years.

And when you move past the need for your equipment, we’ll help you sell it to generate another source of revenue that makes it easier for you to grow. Get the tools you need to boost your network at a smart price with reliable service through our exchange platforms. It’s another way for you to save beyond Cisco repairs.

Optimize your spending the right way with a comprehensive Cisco Equipment Repair Service that centers entirely on keeping your network up and running smoothly.

Expand to Support Any OEM

Want even better news about our Cisco switch, server and phone repair capabilities? Here you go: we’ll also cover your other equipment from different OEMs with the same quality guarantee.

We talk a lot about Cisco router repair services because Cisco is a dominant player. But we also know that your needs and budgets often see you looking for other equipment and providers. We understand this and we’ve built our system to handle exactly those kinds of needs.

Bring us your microwave radios, transmitters, IP phones, power amplifiers, BTS, BSC, filters, combiners, mixers and anything else you’ve got on the network or rolling in your trucks. Experience repairs and maintenance the way they were meant to happen by partnering with Worldwide Supply.

And, be sure to ask about our warranty that covers all work and our maintenance programs designed to keep you up and running for the long haul.