Tellabs 8860 MSR-2

Tellabs 8860 MSR-2

The Tellabs 8860 multiservice router architecture is built to combine QoS and switching capabilities on Layer 2 with a more robust Layer 3 routing option compared to earlier 8800 series units. The update is designed to make the 8860 a central part of any carrier efforts to optimize and enhance data network capabilities and management.

With the Tellabs 8860 MSR-2, you’ll experience improvements in carrier-class networking at higher functional speeds on a platform that supports FR, ATM, Ethernet, TDM, private line services and business-grade IP. Operating across Layers 1, 2 and 3 gives carriers and service providers like you the ability to bring your existing money-making services to new business-class customers in packet and IP models.

Refurbished Tellabs 8860 MSR-2 units from Worldwide Supply allow you to save even further by reducing original expenses but guaranteeing quality, so you’re able to get the most value out of the provision paradigm and network infrastructure reduction potential of the 8860 MSR-2.

Save More With Worldwide Supply

Refurbished Tellabs 8860 MSR-2 models can generate new revenue streams by helping you to offer enhanced service level agreements, extending QoS contracts beyond what was previously available.

You can take a step beyond that increased revenue to enhanced profitability by choosing a used Tellabs 8860 MSR-2 that we’ve brought up to OEM specifications and requirements. We’ll thoroughly test your MSR in real-world scenarios with a complete lab and certification process that ensures reliability and quality.

We back everything we do with a limited lifetime warranty, maintenance schedule and prep options as well as quick delivery services for parts and support whenever you need it.

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