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Don’t let gaps form in your network as you move to next-gen solutions at your core or edge. Rely on the Adtran Total Access 5000 multi-service access and aggregation platform to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently, no matter what growth stage you’re in right now.

The Adtran TA5000 is designed to operate with both legacy and newest-generation service interfaces, running over both copper and fiber. You get the ability to scale and grow even on your services that are the biggest bandwidth hogs.

Give your company the best path forward to adopting new network architecture and equipment at the most affordable rate with a refurbished Adtran TA5000 from Worldwide Supply. A full team of expert engineers reviews each used Adtran TA5000 we receive and return it to like-new specifications and status, allowing you to safely integrate it into your existing network.

Plus, all of the refurbished equipment we provide is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, so you know we stand behind carrier-quality work on each piece.

Functions and Features of the Adtran TA5000

The Adtran TA5000 features a pure Ethernet core to provide a scalable solution that can support interfaces from a single DS1 to 10 Gigabit and 20 Gigabit Ethernet deployments. Chassis options allow you to deploy them in your central office as well as in remote locations that require an environmentally-hardened unit. Copper and fiber termination flexibility also allow for a true anywhere deployment on your network.

Find an affordable option for supporting FTTH, FTTN, carrier-grade Ethernet, legacy application support, and much more with a refurbished Adtran TA5000 unit customizable below.

Adtran TA5000 Specifications:

  • Native Ethernet Core
  • Digital and Metallic Test Access 
  • TDM, ATM, and Ethernet Network Interfaces 
  • Multiple Network Management Capabilities (TL1, XML, SNMP and Telnat) including full FCAPS support 
  • ERPS and RPR Ring Support 
  • Copper and fiber transport and access 
  • Fully redundant, carrier-class design

Dimensions and Weight: 

  • (HxWxD) in (cm) = 15.75×21.5×12 (40×43.43×50.80)
  • Wt. lbs (kg) = 20.5 (9.30) 


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