HP XFP Compatible Optics

During a network transformation or expansion, it’s important to have access to compatible optics that will keep your connections running smoothly. Worldwide Supply’s selection of new and refurbished HP XFP compatible optics will ensure that your Hewlett-Packard fiber switches and routers can transmit and receive information with ease.

We believe that every network has great potential, whether it’s composed of 10-year-old equipment or the latest and greatest technology. Hewlett-Packard started off in 1939, and while the company has changed and evolved over the years, its name has become well-known worldwide. We deliver affordable HP transceiver modules so that you can make the most of every application.

Our Selection of HP XFP Compatible Optics

At Worldwide Supply, we take the reliability of networking equipment seriously. With a diverse and growing selection of HP XFP compatible optics at our side, we’re prepared to help you manage any upcoming application.

Our XFP transceiver modules have 10 Gigabit Ethernet capabilities that are designed to provide faster, more secure phone and data connections for business and subscriber networks. Some of the features and benefits offered by HP optics include:

  • 10 Gbps data speeds over single-mode and multi-mode fiber
  • Transceiver options ranging from 300m to 80km
  • Duplex LC connectors with convenient hot-pluggable functionality
  • Full compatibility with intended HP equipment and hardware
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Reduced purchase and support costs

Choose Worldwide Supply Solutions Today

HP transceivers are known for their excellent compatibility qualifications and durability, and we work to ensure that all of our products meet those standards before we sell them back to network providers. Worldwide Supply’s used HP XFP compatible optics come with warranty coverage and a range of customer service opportunities, which will allow you to stay on top of maintenance and support needs.

We’ll also offer cash and account credit to take equipment you no longer need. Contact us to learn more about how our selling and trading programs can benefit you.

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Our new and refurbished HP XFP compatible optics will meet all your data traffic needs. Request a quote today for pricing information.

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