Exalt ExtendAir Microwave Radio Systems


All-outdoor networks can benefit from the ExtendAir systems with top speeds, a variety of errorless modulation options, strict security features, and support for single-unit sparing in all bands.

The Exalt ExtendAir platform serves as an entry-level option for microwave radios that still supports high-end performance requirements for today’s data networking applications. Each option contains leading network security tools and range capabilities support, with a focus on connectivity and backhaul.

Today, carriers, enterprises, service providers, government groups and agencies are deploying Exalt ExtendAir all-outdoor systems. Worldwide Supply helps these groups deliver top-quality networking and connectivity through a line of fully tested and approved refurbished Exalt ExtendAir radios.

Deployments and Benefits of Exalt ExtendAir

Exalt says its ExtendAir line delivers some of the lowest costs per megabit-mile across multiple scenarios, from mobile backhaul in LTE, 3G and 2G networks to IP backhaul for wireless Internet and WiMAX and even connectivity for video surveillance. The Exalt ExtendAir platform works across a broad range of bands including:

  • 4.9 GHz
  • 5 GHz
  • ANSI/FCC 11 to 23 GHz
  • ITU/ETSI 15 to 23 GHz

Eliminate cabling, external switches, leased line expenses and more with a full 100 Mbps system that delivers flexible management, spectrum analysis, multiple security protocols, native Ethernet, support for native TDM, 3×10/100 Base T configurations and multiple data networking tools.

Purchase the first radios in the 4.9 GHz and 5 GHz categories that were designed for high-performance LOS point-to-point operations for a simple, direct and effective network build. It’s an affordable way to have a healthy network.

Support these uses and more when you add a complete line of used Exalt ExtendAir outdoor radios to boost your backhaul and deliver leading connectivity for your mission-critical applications.

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