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Our selection of Motorola CMTS products is your ticket to a stronger, faster broadband services network. Motorola Inc. has a variety of CMTS products built to provide data, voice and video services for the most demanding network requirements. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of networking equipment, Motorola is constantly striving to grow and innovate, as shown by its acquisition of RiverDelta Networks Inc. in 2001.

At Worldwide Supply, we carry multiple new and refurbished Motorola CMTS products. These CMTS modules are ideal for companies that require high-density, manageable deployments. With our competitive pricing and standard lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that your model will offer lasting functionality and performance. If you deliver cable Internet or phone services from a central business site, our used Motorola CMTS devices could help you reach greater heights of efficiency than ever before.

Broaden Your Network Reach With Refurbished Motorola CMTS

A Motorola CMTS module will support your IP network by delivering high-speed Internet services to all your subscribers. We have solutions for both smaller and larger service providers, and we're happy to work with you to find the product that will best fit your business.

These CMTS products are designed to help you increase system efficiency to broaden your network reach and deliver faster data, voice and video to your customers. High-performance routing and communication will increase the strength of your network and transform the way your company operates, making your workday a little easier.

The new and used Motorola CMTS modules we offer include:

  • Motorola BSR 64000 CMTS: The Motorola BSR 64000 is a powerful CMTS and edge router with a 16-slot chassis and speeds of up to 200 Mbps in EuroDOCSIS networks. Versions with the TX32 module can handle up to five Gbps. This unit supports DOCSIS 3.0 technology and offers high downstream flow.
  • Motorola BSR 2000 CMTS: Perfect for small and medium-sized service providers, the Motorola BSR 2000 is compact, efficient and supportive of high-density deployments. This is an affordable network solution that could help increase profits over time.

The Benefits of Worldwide Supply

If you decide to work with Worldwide Supply, you’ll receive a variety benefits, such as:

  • A standard lifetime warranty
  • Unlimited remote technical support
  • Preventative maintenance and repair services
  • Next business day delivery
  • Worldwide Supply Trade & Exchange opportunities

We want you to have the most pleasant experience possible when you order a refurbished Motorola CMTS from Worldwide Supply. If you need help deciding which model is right for your network or you have any questions about product specifications, you can reach us with a quick message or phone call. Browse our product pages now to learn more about the Motorola BSR 64000 and Motorola BSR 2000 models we have in stock.