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If you need a high-density, carrier-class cable modem termination system, you should consider the Motorola BSR 64000 CMTS. Based on DOCSIS 3.0 technology, this CMTS and edge router is built with tomorrow’s next-generation Ultra-Broadband services in mind.

Operators turn to the BSR 64000 to deliver speeds even greater than 140 Mbps in DOCSIS and 200 Mbps in EuroDOCSIS environments with a per-flow QoS delivered via downstream channel bonding. It has become a go-to investment for migrating to the latest DOCSIS tech, as well as delivering consistently high throughput to residential and commercial customers at the core and edge of a network.

All models, including refurbished Motorola BSR 64000s from Worldwide Supply, deliver five-9s availability with redundancies for IP voice, video and data.

Core Features of the Motorola BSR 64000 CMTS

With dimensions of 30” x 19” x 20”, this ethernet-connected router is built to provide support for many different functions. From VoIP and HD video to large amounts of data and traffic, the Motorola BSR 64000 CMTS system works with multiple network types and sizes, making it the ideal solution for integration.

New and used Motorola BSR 64000 routers provide an ether-flex high-speed interface module. This module comes with multiple 10/100 Ethernet interfaces, along with dual Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and options for single-port HSIM2 modules. The 16-slot chassis takes up 17 RU and supports a variety of different configurations and setups.

Some of the modules compatible with the BSR 64000 router include TX32 decoupled downstream modules, supervisory resource modules, 2:8 CMTS modules and more. High-performance hardware-based IP routing at more than 42 million PPS per chassis pairs well with multiple multicast supports, flexible downstream capacity expansions, hot-swappable modules and dynamic QoS support. The router also offers load balancing and downstream channel bonding abilities.

Worldwide Supply Benefits

The BSR 64000 is a scalable piece of equipment your business can use to integrate and simplify operations, creating a more productive system. With a refurbished Motorola BSR 64000 from Worldwide Supply, you can reap all the benefits of a Motorola system at a more economical price. While upgrading and replacing critical system components can be a significant investment, buying used or refurbished equipment often provides a similar performance quality while still allowing you to cut down on business expenses.

Buying a used Motorola BSR 64000 router will help you bring all system operations up to the standards you, your team and your customers expect. Additionally, our maintenance and repair services will keep the equipment functioning in top form for years to come while lowering your replacement and repair bills!

Get the latest in high-density carrier capabilities at the most affordable rate when you select a used Motorola BSR 64000 from us. Our engineers ensure everything is brought up to OEM standards, so you are field-ready with enough left over to start your next round of expansion planning.

Are you ready to enhance your system with technology you can count on? Contact us now for more details about our Motorola or other OEM network products!

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