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Exalt has developed an extensive line of point-to-point microwave backhaul systems and its wide variety of 150 models ensure there’s a right fit for your network configuration and frequency band requirements. Elements of the Exalt EX and other systems include:

  • Best-in-class data security and management
  • Support for 2G through 4G networks and TDM-to-IP migration
  • Data networking applications
  • Carrier-class performance across any supported band
  • Fully programmable operation

Advantages of Refurbished Exalt Microwave Radios From Worldwide Supply

As a leading supplier of used network and telecommunication equipment with an inventory of over $1 billion worth of certified products, we’re uniquely positioned to provide you with the equipment you need at a savings of up to 80% off of OEM list prices. What’s more: When you choose a refurbished Exalt microwave radio from Worldwide Supply, you can:

  • Extend your network capabilities while eliminating leased line expenses
  • Speed up your connection of locations to days instead of weeks
  • Enhance your manageability while reducing installations and maintenance
  • Strengthen the security of wireless backhaul links
  • Enjoy the versatility of being able to carry Ethernet and voice — simultaneously
  • Upgrade and expand the capacity of your present systems
  • Improve your ability to effectively respond to and avoid interference
  • And much more

Moreover, the Exalt line of microwave radios was specifically developed to help meet the most demanding and evolving requirements of carrier-class users while featuring one of the most affordable costs per megabit-mile in the industry.

Technical Support and a Lifetime Warranty

At Worldwide Supply, we understand that cost of ownership is only one factor to consider when you upgrade your hardware. You also need like-new performance from your equipment from the moment it’s installed. For that reason, our technical experts rigorously inspect and test each piece of equipment we offer.

Furthermore, we offer free technical assistance and back the products we provide with a lifetime warranty — all at no additional cost to you.

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Improve your network operations with the right strength and reliability by selecting Worldwide Supply as your partner for used Exalt microwave radios. View our full selection of Exalt Microwave Radios below, then request a quote or give us a call at 888.328.2266 to optimize your network today.