Why Wireless Operators Prefer Worldwide Supply

Why Wireless Operators Prefer Worldwide Supply

Wireless carriers face some of the most complicated business decisions in the operator space with their need to balance ever-increasing demand and reach with OPEX control. You’re facing old networks that have growing maintenance needs, plus several tools to support your backhaul and even the eventuality of 5G.

Worldwide Supply works with wireless operators across the globe to help determine the best way to respond to the capacity crunch with new customer devices, smart applications and the move to ever more mobile data.

Buy or Sell New and Used Telecom Equipment

Growing your network is a significant expense for any MNO, so Worldwide Supply takes a unique approach to giving you the tools you need to improve in a way that supports your budget. We offer a robust selection of new and used equipment, with a complete in-house refurbishment team that tests everything we sell in real-world scenarios. Refurbished and used telecom equipment is brought up to OEM standards so you can reliably and affordably build out your deployment.

Everything we sell is backed by a lifetime warranty and we can support your future efforts with rapid spares and parts management services. Our global network allows us to reach almost anywhere on short notice.

Need a custom hand on your wireless expansion?

We offer complete RF design and engineering as well as EF&I field deployment services specifically for wireless operators. Our mission is to help you boost your mobile network as securely and affordably as possible while also giving you access to the tools you need to expand or maintain the services your customers have come to rely on every day.

Leading Telecom Maintenance Services

Most OEM equipment is used by mobile network operators for longer than its EOS and EOL dates because quality equipment that is adequately maintained doesn’t fail that often. A reliable maintenance program will help you surpass these limits or even give you coverage long after the OEM has stepped away.

Worldwide Supply offers a telecom maintenance service that’s designed to protect everything on your network in a simple, direct contract. Our NetGuard third-party maintenance solution was purpose-built to cut OPEX without forcing any network into new software or updates.

We cover all leading OEM brands and hundreds of product family lines in a single agreement that won’t push you into unnecessary upgrades, all while delivering a total savings of 50% to 90% off traditional equipment maintenance net network support. It’s a large part of our no-hassle telecom maintenance services with robust savings that only a third party like us can provide.

Get the complete coverage you need with a full system of contract management tools, ticketing system, knowledge base and 24/7 experts ready to help you assess shortcomings, identify problems and create a solution that speaks to your specific network needs.

All the Manufacturers You Use Today

You have preferences for your mobile network operator telecommunication equipment. All MNOs do. That’s why we’re continually expanding our reach and selection to have the brands and product families you know and trust. Find the new or used telecom equipment you need without having to sacrifice carrier choice. Browse our MNO and wireless operator equipment from these brands and more:

You get the same benefit and promise no matter what you select from us. Wireless carriers are our core customer base, so we’ll work with you to find the right equipment, including sourcing it from our network if need be.

One Solution for All OEM Equipment

Worldwide Supply has thousands of products under contracts from dozens of MNO customers across ten countries, from some of the most significant national networks and local providers that are busy filling gaps and growing their business. We work hard to offer all the products you need to run leading MNO telecommunication services.

Our experts have seen it all and worked through it all, so best practices already drive our spares management tools, professional services and asset recovery solutions, including access to consignment programs created to work with MNOs and their used telecom equipment needs.

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