CISCO ISR G1 SERVICE ROUTERS END OF SUPPORT ALERT — INCLUDES CISCO 1841, 2801, 2811, 2821, 2851, 3825, 3845

The popular Cisco ISR G1 Series EOS is October 31, 2016

In 2011, when Cisco announced its ISR G1 End of Life (EoL) and eventual End of Support (EOS) at the end of 2016, most system engineers didn’t worry too much about the eventual need to source affordable, top-quality third-party maintenance and repair coverage.

But suddenly we’re looking 2016 square in the face and the ISR G1 EOS is approaching quickly.

It’s time to mobilize.

During the past few months, my department has seen a significant increase in orders to set-up maintenance and repair service level agreements (SLA) for our existing clients, specifically for Cisco’s ISR G1 Series which includes these seven service router models:


No New Software or Hardware Support Will be Available for the Cisco 1841, 2801, 2811, 2821, 2851, 3825 or 3845

Since Cisco is washing their hands of the ISR G1 (first generation) Series after October 31, 2016, their maintenance program will no longer offer any hardware or software support, leaving those customers who still have this equipment deployed without coverage in the event of an outage.

This is why now is the time to secure your third party service level agreement with a tried-and-true hardware support expert who specializes in Cisco EOS and EoL products, offering technical support and affordable next business day (NBD) equipment delivery, as needed.

Why Worldwide Supply’s NetGuard Maintenance:

With a third party program like NetGuard, you get the level of coverage you had when you bought these products new – but now at a fraction of the cost.

NetGuard Maintenance SLA includes:

  • Remote or on-site technical support
  • Advanced hardware replacement service (in addition to supporting any additional hardware purchasing requirements)
  • The ability to bundle equipment from multiple OEMs into a single comprehensive maintenance contract

Our Global Product and Service Centers are Ready to Respond:

Worldwide Supply’s global service centers make it possible for us to reach every major market in the world within 24 hours.

Our designated team, devoted specifically to your company’s unique needs, will be ready to act when you need us.

In business since 2004, Worldwide Supply has experienced exponential growth because we’re well positioned to respond immediately:

  • A certified engineering team with 30+ years of hands-on experience
  • Our global product and service centers offer guaranteed field support beginning as soon as next business day or as soon as 4-hour on-site spare & hardware exchanges to most areas

Find Out More about Third Party NetGuard Maintenance

Our team of system engineers and certified network technicians support large multi-site systems as well as smaller compact networks worldwide.

We would be happy to talk with you about your Cisco ISR G1 EoL and EOS needs going forward or provide an updated Cisco router for you.

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