Worldwide Supply Powered by SAP Business One & Third Wave

Delivering on our values of exceptional customer service, as well as teamwork, depends on more than our staff and stock of new and used telecommunications equipment at Worldwide Supply. It also relies on our technology, which is why we’ve dedicated a fair amount of time to find the best business management software for our company — SAP Business One from Third Wave.

Who Is Worldwide Supply?

Our story as a global provider of preowned and new network equipment and services goes back more than 30 years. Throughout those early years, as well as the most recent ones, our award-winning company’s become a trusted partner of the largest cable operators, carriers and service providers in the world. Our commitment to service and quality, as well as $500 million inventory, have also made Worldwide Supply the go-to supplier for more than 200 brands, including Cisco and Ericsson.

How Worldwide Supply Evolved

While our company began as a provider of new and preowned network equipment, our offerings expanded over time. Now, our team offers several comprehensive support services, including warehousing, inventory and asset recovery programs. While many businesses still rely on our hardware stock, our services have become our most popular product. We credit their popularity to our approach to customer service — or what we like to call our white glove approach — where the goal of our team is simple: Make your company successful and your job easier.

Who Is Third Wave and SAP?

As Worldwide Supply expanded its offerings and customer base, it became a necessity for us to find a business management software that could provide us with the following:

  • A scalable solution, capable of growing with us
  • An innovative software, capable of adapting to us
  • A creative program, capable of surprising us

We found that kind of triple-threat solution at Third Wave, in its SAP Business One software.

What Are the Advantages of Third Wave and SAP?

Bringing SAP Business One into our company’s operations brought our team’s satisfaction to new heights — plus promoted our value of teamwork. In addition to offering the various modules our company needs, as well as streamlining our internal communications and paperwork for faster service to our customers, SAP Business One provides us several other benefits, including:

  • Scalability:With our growth, it’s essential for us to have a business management software that’s scalable. While Third Wave designed SAP Business One to match the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses, our team has found it’s ideal for large companies, too. With its versatility and flexibility, it’s what our director of IT likes to call a diamond.
  • Customization: For our staff, it’s always been a priority to customize our business management software — and Third Wave lets us do that. It listens to our input, collaborates with our team members and devises a plan for meeting our goals. It’s a collaborative effort that matches our core values of dedication, flexibility and teamwork. Plus, it lets us take advantage of customized reporting for improved productivity and efficiency.

With SAP Business One, our company can do more.

How Third Wave and SAP Push Worldwide Supply Ahead

Like Third Wave, we’re always looking to innovate and evolve at Worldwide Supply. That’s why our future includes Third Wave and its SAP Business One software, which will continue to support our movement to transform how we do business, such as by customizing and automating business processes to match our growth as the industry’s leader for new and preowned network equipment, as well as network maintenance services.

If you’re interested in learning more about Worldwide Supply and our products and services, contact us today!

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