Buy XENPAK Optical Transceivers

XENPAK optical transceivers are a 10 Gigabit Ethernet component built on MSA requirements and perfect for your field fiber. One important note is that XENPAK optics are used for datacom optical links and do not support telecom optical links.

For XENPAK optics, some of the oldest 10G form factors, you’ll be using a standardized XAul host board that features connectors for XENPAK as well as X2 modules. OEM support for the system is somewhat limited regarding line cards and switches, though Cisco started the form factor and developed a broad line of XENPAK optics and supporting gear.

Grow Your Network and Sell Used XENPAK Optics

Worldwide Supply works to provide a wide range of XENPAK optics for networks looking to transition remote sites and connections to 10 Gigabit Ethernet support. That means we offer a variety of components, boards, line cards and other equipment you may need for a new deployment.

We also work to provide some of the best pricing for buying your used XENPAK optics when it comes time for an upgrade. Our technicians can review and certify all equipment, plus our in-house testing environments ensure we thoroughly refurbish everything we sell to like-new status.

If you’re somewhere in between, we also recommend a variety of conversion options that can allow you to utilize existing XENPAK optics while also incorporating¬†X2 or even SFP/SFP+ elements into your network. Our experts can help you find the right tools and even secure savings of up to 80% off original OEM pricing, which makes upgrading your edge even nicer.

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