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When you reinforce a network system with Tellabs equipment, you can count on it to sustain healthy operations for the future of your business. We offer a broad range of Tellabs products, including a selection of Tellabs DACS equipment. Whether you’re a long-time consumer of Tellabs or you’re just looking for reasonably priced networking parts and units you can trust, we have you covered.

Tellabs DACS products are the ideal solutions for network stability and growth. Even older models can help you keep up with current demands, as long as they receive the necessary maintenance and support. If you’re looking for a product that allows you to take more control over your network and offers better management capabilities, these digital cross-connect products will help lay the foundation for positive change.

Tellabs DACS Network Benefits

A DACS, also known as a digital access and cross-connect system, is the ultimate circuit switching tool that allows you to route data and voice signals across channels in your network. Tellabs sets the standard for DACS products with its delivery of high-capacity service and the ability to operate on multiple types of networks.

Our new and refurbished Tellabs DACS products facilitate high-efficiency network traffic connecting and switching. This means whatever your configuration or needs, you can use these systems to save time and energy by ensuring all data reaches its proper destination quickly. With more productive system operations, you’ll be able to earn and retain more subscribers while keeping up with modern networking requirements.

Used Tellabs DACS we have available include:

  • Tellabs Titan 532L
  • Tellabs Titan 532TCS
  • Tellabs Titan 5500

These Tellabs Titan systems are stronger and faster digital cross-connect devices, allowing you to optimize the quality of both wireless and wired networks. You can browse our product pages to find the part you need. We carry a range of DACS system components, including chassis, modules, controllers, power supplies and more.

Sell or Trade Your Tellabs DACS

Looking to replace or upgrade your Tellabs DACS model? By contacting us, you can sell old equipment and get a better return on investment before buying a newer product.

At Worldwide Supply, we also manage a Trade & Exchange program, which could give you the opportunity to hand off old equipment to us in exchange for a credit to your account. With this, you’ll receive even greater deals on the Tellabs technology you need!

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While we carry many of the older models, we continue to offer services and support for all our refurbished Tellabs DACS equipment. Keep your current network up and running with our ongoing maintenance services, and request a quote on the Tellabs DACS system you need today!