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Delta has been a leader in switching power supply products for more than 40 years. Worldwide Supply stocks a complete line of refurbished Delta DC power systems to keep your lines running smoothly and operating at peak efficiency. Delta DC power systems are also some of the most effective in the industry, increasing general efficiency up to 90%, increasing telecom power to as high as 97.5%, and helping PV inverters reach 98.7% efficiency.

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Delta CPCs

Worldwide Supply sells and buys used Delta DC power systems including cathodic protection controllers. These CPCs from Delta are optimized for field operation and are designed to deliver trouble-free operations in any environment.

We also currently stock the DCS-27/58A A-S 24V DC to 48V DC DC/DC Converter, a small and low-cost converter that operates in a wide range of industries — from solar applications to data processing and industrial lighting. When you invest in a CPC from Delta, you’re investing in an industry leader to reducing power consumption and heat generation that can withstand the elements.

Learn more about the different customization options for your next Delta CPC from Worldwide Supply.

Delta DPRs

Delta brought reliability and efficiency to a full lineup of rectifiers, delivering all the power you need to charge batteries and maintain longevity in even the toughest deployments. Delta DPR rectifiers provide advanced control technologies with premium monitoring capabilities in some of the smallest form factors available on the market.

Worldwide Supply offers 6 of the best Delta DPR rectifiers as well as international spare and repair services, a standard lifetime warranty, and top-of-the-line quality management systems to ensure you’re getting the best deals. All of the used Delta DC power systems we offer have been through a rigorous inspection and are guaranteed to meet the highest standards for telecom industry suppliers.

Learn more about the Delta DC power systems we offer and how you can sell Delta DC power systems to create a new revenue stream and meet your budgetary concerns. If you have additional questions feel free to contact Worldwide Supply today.