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Your technology infrastructure is a central component of your business. Adtran equipment offers the performance and scalability you need to prepare that technology for the future of networking and telecommunications. If you’re looking for a reliable product that will help boost your network efficiency, you may be ready to invest in an Adtran OPTI multi-service platform from Worldwide Supply.

Our Refurbished Adtran OPTI Products

In a culture where networks continue to increase in speed and bandwidth, you need to have the tools that will allow your business to exceed the industry standards. As a provider of industry-leading telecom equipment, we offer a wide selection of Adtran’s technology, including this collection of low- and high-density multiplexers. Adtran OPTI multiplexers could redefine elements of your business’s processes with their fast and reliable delivery.

With an optical network multiplexer, you can transmit multiple signals from a single output point and increase the amount of data you can send across your network in a given time. Our refurbished Adtran OPTI products can help you improve all facets of your network delivery, including ethernet backhaul and mobile backhaul. These flexible machines are designed to support all your network applications for a competitive price.

Our inventory includes several of Adtran’s OPTI-6100 Series multi-service platforms, which deliver services for:

  • SDH
  • PDH
  • TDM over pseudowire
  • DS1, E1, DS3 and E3
  • Mobile
  • Customer premises

The wide variety of possibilities for these multiplexers will help you make the most of your time while expanding your network reach. This level of scalability will allow your business to grow and even improve the relationship you have with your customers or subscribers.

Used Adtran OPTI Benefits

When you order a used Adtran OPTI from Worldwide Supply, you’ll receive the same performance and quality you'd experience with the original OEM product. We know how challenging it can be to find reliable technology that stays within a set budget — fortunately, our level of experience and commitment ensures your satisfaction.

It’s as easy as plugging in your units to gain the ability to deliver a large selection of services from a single Adtran OPTI platform. With this advantage, you can simplify all your networking needs while cutting down on operational costs and increasing your business’s profits over time.

You can use our refurbished Adtran OPTI products to keep up with changing consumer demands as technology continues to evolve. Additionally, if you have any old Adtran equipment that you no longer use, we'll be happy to take it off your hands. Check out our "Sell Equipment" page to find out how you can get cash for your outdated equipment.

Browse our product pages on the Adtran OPTI-6100, 6100 SMX and 6100 LMX today to find the right multi-service platform for your business. If you have questions about our equipment, feel free to contact us today!