Full Telephone Solutions From Uniden

Uniden Holdings is a wireless communications brand from Japan that has a wide range of white label solutions and private label brands that operate in different markets around the world. You might know it by names like Cobra, Midland, Teaberry, Zodiac, Stabo or Inno-Hit.

The company focuses mainly on a variety of radio and telephone technologies, with two-way solutions for specialty needs such as marine operations. Worldwide Supply focuses on its telecom solutions ‚ÄĒ specifically¬†business telephones that support top-tier solutions such as power-over-Ethernet capabilities and support for up to 254 base units per network segment.

Build out your VoIP needs from customer services to on-premise builds that let you control users, access and much more. These are perfect solutions for your network as well as your enterprise clients and their office parks.

Refurbished Uniden D1660-02

Worldwide supply is initially carrying used and refurbished D1660-02 solutions and offering them to you at significant savings compared to OEM standard pricing. These business phones operate on the 1.9 GHz transmission band, support multi-line operations, digital answering systems, conference calling and a standby time of up to roughly 168 hours.

These used Uniden models are a low-hiss option that connects wirelessly and allows you to record a variety of answering messages and other functions so that every office can operate as it needs.

Our mission is to get you the right equipment at a smart price. We believe this entrant from Uniden is the right place to start. Our technicians have certified that every handset is operating correctly and we back each with a lifetime warranty. End the fuzzy lines and hear your savings crystal clear by clicking the Uniden link below.